What is the Process of Sex Change Surgery?

What is the Process of Sex Change Surgery?

There are three main techniques of vaginoplasty or mtf surgery performed today:

  • penile inversion
  • rectosigmoid or colon graft
  • non-penile inversion vaginoplasty

In all three surgical procedure approaches, the clitoris is formed from the head of the penis.

  • Penile inversion

Penile inversion entails using the penile skin to develop the neovagina. The labia major as well as minora are largely made from scrotal cells. This causes a sensate vaginal canal and labia.

One main downside is the absence of self-lubrication by the vaginal wall surface. Typical variants consist of using the continuing to be scrotal tissue as a graft for additional vaginal depth, and using the intact mucosal urethra recouped from the penis to line component of the vaginal canal, developing some self-lubrication.

  • Rectosigmoid vaginoplasty

Rectosigmoid vaginoplasty includes the use of digestive tract cells to develop the vaginal wall surface. This strategy is often made use of along with penile inversion digestive tract cells assists when penile and scrotal tissue is limited.

This approach is commonly used for transgender ladies who started hormone treatment at the age of puberty and were never exposed to testosterone.

Digestive tissue has the added advantage of being mucosal, as well as therefore self-lubricating. This technique is additionally used to reconstruct vaginal canals for cisgender ladies that developed atypically brief vaginal canals.

  • Non-penile inversion.

Non-penile inversion is additionally referred to as the Suporn strategy (after Dr. Suporn that invented it) or the Chonburi Flap.

This method utilizes perforated scrotal tissue graft for the vaginal cellular lining, as well as undamaged scrotal cells for the labia majora, like a penile inversion. The penile cells are made use of for the labia minora as well as the clitoral hood.

Surgeons that utilize this method purport greater vaginal deepness, extra sensate inner labia, and improved cosmetic appearance.

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