5 Things You Never Knew About a Typical Crime Scene Cleaning Company

Not many people think about the work of a crime scene cleaning company until there’s the need for the service. Quite a bit of effort goes into the process of cleaning up after an undetected death or some other type of violent crime. How much do you understand about the cleaning company and what they do? Here are five things that most people don’t know. 

The Training is Realistic

The training process for this type of work involves simulations designed to look, smell, and feel like an actual crime scene. The graphic nature is considered essential. Trainees must have a realistic understanding of what they can expect once they are assigned to a cleaning. By making the training as realistic as possible, it’s easier to be mentally and emotionally prepared for what is to come? 

How graphic can the training be? It’s not unusual for animal fluids to be included as part of the staged scenes. That includes blood from pigs or other types of animals. There may be other types of fluids or tissues present as well. This provides trainees with the opportunity to use cleaning methods and supplies responsibly and how to disengage from a scene once the cleaning is complete. 

Many Technicians Are Former Military or Law Enforcement Personnel

It’s not unusual for former military or law enforcement personnel to seek employment with a company that cleans crime scenes. Their backgrounds often provide some preparation for the job requirements. The ability to keep other aspects of their lives separated from their work is among the skills that these types of professionals possess. 

Safety is a Priority

Personnel who work with a crime scene cleaning company understand that safety is essential during every step of a cleaning process. It involves making sure that the right clothing and gear is selected for the job. There’s the need to properly wear equipment designed to protect cleaners from any airborne contaminants. Even the use of cleaning agents and the disposal of residue once the site is cleaned must be managed in specific ways. 

The Duration of a Cleaning Will Vary

The nature and scope of the cleaning depend on what’s present at the crime scene. In some cases, the process will be straightforward. This allows the team to finish with the job in a matter of hours. When the scene is more complex, such as when a body is not discovered for several days or there is a great deal of blood to deal with, the overall process could take three or more days. 

The Cost Varies Based on the Condition of the Scene

Just as the complexity of the cleaning will depend on the specifics of the crime scene, the overall cost will vary. Factors such as the amount of time involved, the number of personnel, the type of cleaning agents used, and several other factors will determine the total cost. This is one of the reasons that a company representative will assess the scene first and prepare a quote for the property owner to consider. 

These are only a few basics that apply to most companies that clean crime scenes. There’s a lot more than you could learn. If you need this type of cleaning help, call a local service and arrange for an assessment and a consultation. Rest assured that all of your questions will be answered the soonest.