A Guide to Male-to-female SRS in Thailand

A Guide to Male-to-female SRS in Thailand

You’re not alone if you’re considering sex-change surgery or just curious to know how the procedure works you’re. One of the fastest-growing medical tourism procedures is sex-change surgeries. With limited qualified surgeons, many countries have long waiting lists. One nation, however, welcomes the growing worldwide interest in this procedure- Thailand.

 With regards to male-to-female reassignment surgery, Thailand is a leading power. This guide informs you of all you need to know about Thailand transgender surgery

Why is Thailand so affordable?

The success of Thailand’s medical tourism industry encourages surgeons and clinics to invest in further training and surgical equipment while keeping sex change operation Thailand cost low. 


The first sex-change surgery in Thailand was carried out in 1975, and clinics began seeing an influx of foreign gender reassignment patients a couple of years later. Since then, many surgeons have specialized in the treatment of patients from abroad. If a patient goes home satisfied, they will most likely spread the word. That’s why Thai clinics emphasize on patient satisfaction. 

Is SRS in Thailand Safe?

Thailand offers some of the most experienced gender change surgeons in the world. This is not to say that every SRS surgeon in Thailand is qualified; Thailand currently has around 120 qualified SRS surgeons. Unfortunately, some unqualified doctors claim to be qualified. But with scrutiny and research, it’s possible to spot an experienced and qualified SRS surgeon. These considerations should help you find one:

  • Surgeon CV. Where they trained internationally or locally in a reputable university and have all the required certifications?
  • Reviews and Forums. Reviews from previous or present patients can give you a hint on what experience to expect.
  • The Clinic. Which safety measures do they observe? Is their clinic modern and equipped with the latest equipment?

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