Top 5 Sure-Shot Ways to Accelerate your Flight Miles Earnings


Got a long way to go before you can collect sufficient airline reward points for your dream reward flights? Worry not, check out these top 5 unsung ways that quicken your miles earnings.


As a points collector, you are probably familiar with the common ways to earn frequent flier miles – book a flight ticket, stay at a partner hotel or transfer reward points from other loyalty programs. However, even savviest miles collectors miss out on other smart ways to boost their frequent flier mile earnings.

Earning frequent flier miles doesn’t mean you need to have a jet-setting lifestyle. It is as easy as paying your bills, treating yourself to a fancy meal, and using your credit/debit cards. All it takes is a bit of research and some planning, and you could build your airline miles faster than you expected.

Here are the top 5 ways to accelerate your flight miles earnings.

1. Sign up for an Airline Co-branded Credit Card and Make it your Primary Card

Airline co-branded credit/debit cards are the best and easiest way to rack up a ton of airline reward miles. By using a co-branded card, you earn miles every single time you swipe the card, irrespective of the amount you spend or the type of purchase.

One major mistake made by newbie points collectors is that they sign up for airline co-branded credit cards but fail to make it their primary card. By doing so, they miss out on valuable miles earning opportunities. Once you get your card, make sure that you reach for it for all your purchases both online and offline. From paying utility bills to purchasing gifts and everything else, use this card, to accelerate your miles earnings.

2. Shop online at Retail Partners of your Airline’s Loyalty Program

Most airlines have online shopping portals with hundreds of participating online merchants. For every purchase you make via the shopping portal, you are awarded extra airline miles, apart from your regular credit card earnings.

All you have to do is head to the shopping portal of your airline and click on your preferred online merchant. You will be directed to the merchant’s store, and all purchases you make are linked with your airline loyalty program help you earn miles on your purchases.

3. Eat Out at the Right Restaurants

Today, it’s common for families to dine out during weekends. Several airlines offer you extra miles or reward points when you dine at their partner restaurants. All you have to do is dine at a participating restaurant and tell your waiter your loyalty program number and the corresponding miles are credited directly into your account.

4. Sign up for latest Offers and Updates from your Airline

This costs nothing and takes up just a few seconds. Sign up to receive offers and updates from your preferred airline. Sometimes airlines send out customer feedback surveys and reward flight miles to customers who complete the survey successfully.

Additionally, airlines sometimes run special promotions that offer tons of extra miles. So, stay in the loop and be the first to know about these opportunities.

5. Follow Blogs and Social Media Accounts of Avid Points Collectors

There are several avid airline miles collectors who write a blog or share their tricks and techniques on their social media accounts. Follow a couple of these bloggers like Points Guy, One Mile At A Time, Flyers Talk and others to get tips and techniques from other points collectors.

Keep an Eye Out for Other Ways

Apart from the strategies mentioned here, there are tons of other ways to earn airline miles like subscribing to specific magazines, attending concerts and events, etc. Make sure to keep an eye out for alternative ways, and you can start building your points stash, even when you have your feet planted on the ground.

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