Pre-Purchase Car Inspection San Diego California: Your Exteriors And Engine

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection San Diego California: Your Exteriors And Engine

Carrying out a pre-purchase car inspection San Diego California is no easy task, so if you think it’s just about going round the car 2 or 3 times and doing a superficial scan of the interiors and under the hood, then you have another thing coming. 

This here is an article that shows you how to carry out a very efficient pre-purchase car inspection San Diego California, focusing on just the exteriors and the engine. You are advised though to always seek professional service in times like this rather than relying on your own limited knowledge and skills in carrying out a pre-purchase car inspection.

Point 1: The Exteriors

The exterior is as good a place to start as any. Keep your eyes peeled out for dents as they might be an indication of a bad repair job or an accident the car had been involved in at one time or the other. What about the paint?Is it uniform or does there appear to be some sort of discolorations here and there? Are all the doors working properly?

Now look under. Do you notice anything hanging out of place? Is there any sign of rust?. If yes, you are advised not to buy the car as rust is expensive to remediate. 

What about all the exterior lights, are they all working? Is anyone of them broken or looks faded? Is there a need to have any of them replaced due to old age?

Now is the time to check the mirrors. Are any of them broken or even cracked? Are they complete? These are all questions that must be satisfactorily answered before point 2 is considered.

Point 2: The Engine

Wait, before you look what’s under the hood, first ensure that the hood opens and closes properly. Having confirmed this, you can then proceed to do a sweep of the engine with your eyes first. What you want to see is a clean engine as this tells you that it has been well maintained.

A pre-purchase car inspection San Diego California is aimed at ensuring that all the components in a car are in good working condition. Thus if an engine inspection must be complete, you should check out the following components.

First, you check out all the engine fluids and confirm that they are at the recommended levels. This entails checking the oil level and color. Where engine oil is supposed to be clear, the transmission oil should be pink or orange in color. Don’t accept anything other than these.

Check all the belts, right from the alternator and power steering belts down to the ac accessory belts.

If you are satisfied, with your visual inspection, you should then go in and start the car. Check the dashboard and ensure that no warning lights are blinking as you turn the engine on. Listen carefully for noises from the engine that is out of place. To do a better inspection, put the car in brake park mode and go check out the engine as it runs.

Having read this, you should now see why a pre-purchase car inspection San Diego California is no easy task, and this is just about the exteriors and engine alone. Remember you still have the interiors, tires, and steering to consider. Save yourself the stress and get a professional.

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