4 Things to Do Before You Request Professional Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Seattle

The prospect of buying a car is indeed an exciting affair. You probably are already looking forward to having your first drive in it while you enjoy your favorite sounds blasting away from the surround sound systems. You probably know that a professional pre-purchase car inspection Seattle is the way to go if you don’t want to make a bad purchase. But before you have to call on the professional, here are a few things you can do to ensure that you have the car of your dreams.

  • Do Your Research

If you find a car that you love, you are advised to take some time to really consider if it’s going to be a good buy. You should do this by checking it up online and knowing as much as you can about it. You should also get an idea of the price range of the car and determine right from the start if it is within your budget. It would be a waste of time if upon meeting with the seller, you discover that the price he is offering is beyond what you can afford.

  • After Your Research

With your research completed, you are now one step closer to carrying out a pre-purchase car inspection Seattle. Before that, you must first check up the car’s records and history. One way to do this is by checking an online site dedicated to this service. Insurance companies and shops are also a good place to get such records. In so doing, you would know if the car has been in an accident before or has had any major changes made to it.

It would be wise also to know beforehand the kind of expenses you are likely to incur after you purchase the car. These would include insurance, registration, and maintenance expenses amongst others.

  • You and The Seller

Having gathered as much as you can from external sources. There are some pieces of information you must get directly from the owner himself. Ask pointed questions such as why is he selling the car and if he carried out regular maintenance on it (ask for the record). 

Most importantly, you must test drive the car to ensure that it is in at least a good working condition if not a perfect one. During the test drive, you must be very attentive to changes in the engine sound, especially during acceleration and braking.

Check the interiors and be satisfied that it meets your taste. Ensure that no warning lights are going off on the dashboard. Do an overall inspection of the car and ensure that all components in the car are in working condition and that the exterior is also dent free (this could be a sign that the car has been in an accident).

Although all these would be covered again during a professional pre-purchase car inspection Seattle, you could avoid incurring that extra expenses if you find out that something is wrong with the car. 

  • After Your Inspection

If the car passes your inspection, then you are finally at the stage where you should carry out a professional pre-purchase car inspection. This could be before or after you negotiate a price with the seller.

The professional pre-purchase car inspection Seattle will entail a full and thorough inspection of the car’s engine, body, and interiors. If the professional sees a problem with it, you can either decide not to buy the car or use the knowledge as a bargaining chip for a lower price.