A bar is as good as its equipment

A bar is as good as its equipment

Stocking a bar with good cocktail and bar equipment defines the quality of the bar. It is always exciting to see layered and colored drinks or shots at the bar. You may not be able to do just exactly same at home but can definitely start by getting the right bar tools. One would need a lot of tools to make magic happen, like shakers, strainers, mixing glass, blender, ice scoop and more. These bartender tools are easy to make and serve any drink even in a house bar. The two most used while making a cocktail are shakers and mixing glass. 

Shakers for the best.

The most common thing to find in a bartender kit are shakers. It is the first and most important tool that can change a lot about the drink. To say a little about it, there are four types of shakers- Cobbler shaker, Boston shaker, tin-on-tin and the Parisian shaker. These shakers are two-unit structure except the cobbler shaker which has three perfectly fit units which include an inbuilt strainer. The cobbler is the go-to shakers for any beginner. The rest are slightly different with only two units and requires some practice. 

Shakers are mainly used for mixing the ice and the flavors of the cocktail well together. The faster the drink is shaken better is the dilution and chilling.


There are different types of mixing glass for different drinks. Having a collection of right cocktail and bartender kit will leave an impression on the guests. Some of the different types of glass are-

  1. Highball glass to serve rum and coke, gin and tonic.
  2. Collins glass to serve gin fizz.
  3. Zombie glass for serving Mai Tai.
  4. Rocks glass very popular to serve old fashioned or white Russian. 
  5. Coupe glass for the best strained drinks like Manhattan.
  6. Martini glass for chilled cocktails like martini and cocktail.
  7. Copper mug, a stylish way to serve like Moscow mule, it keeps it chilled. It is best served for drinks like Moscow mule, greyhound. 
  8. Margarita glass is the best to hold and garnish. It is usually used for Margarita and Daiquiri.
  9. Hurricane glass, a unique tulip shaped glass that enhance the color of the drinks like Pina colada. 

As touched before, there are a lot more of tools that add to the efficiency of the bartender kit. While searching online, there is a possibility of coming across websites that set the kit as a whole. It can be little more expensive, but the essence of buying a whole kit is better than piece by piece. It sets the mood and is always better to get the full bartender kit. There are different types of sets available. A few of them are- Boston cocktail shaker set, cobbler cocktail shaker set and a set only of liquid pourers. These sets are designed specifically for different bartending needs. To buy them search online for the best bartender kits and a lot of related searches can help you.

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