What are the different types of slots?

There has been an increase in the supply of pg online casino slots recently. You will be able to play three reel machines, not to mention fascinating, five or six video slots.  Five, six, and seven video slots come with advanced features compared to three reeled slot machines. To begin with the additional reels provide you with a higher probability of winning jackpot games. Not to mention you will get an excellent User interface to play the online casino slot games. In this article, we will look at the different types of slots machines.

Learn more about Classic 3Reel Slot Machine

s. Many slot machines started as three reel slots. And the classic three reel slot machines are popular for casino players who would rather just spin the wheels, instead of being swayed by fancy features. Three Reel slot machines come with their own advantages and disadvantage. One advantage is that it favors newbie players. These players will take advantage of the basic features of the game. The game also includes a simple bonus round for earning cash. On the contrary, players can get bored easily when playing slot games on three reeled slot machines. Not to mention you will also have limited betting options. 

What are 5 Reel Slot Machines?

The five reel slot machine is one of the popular forms of online slots game. It is an advancement of the three reel slot machines that does not come with excellent features. One of the advantages of five reel slot machines is that it comes with exiting opening videos, animations, bonus features, and more. The second advantage is that the slot machines create excellent winning combinations. It means that it increases your chances of winning. 

What are Progressive jackpot slots? 

Jackpots are the highest paying slot games. You will find slot jackpots having unique features to each game. One of the features of the slot game is that each player will contribute towards a prize pool. The amount will increase steadily as each wager increases. The second feature of progressive jackpots is that they can be linked across several casino sites. The latter will therefore means that the more amounts a player will wager, the more the progressive jackpot amount will increase. The latter is the reason why progressive jackpots provide the highest payouts compared to other jackpots. 

What are some of the slots features to look for in an online slot site?You will find slot games coming with more exiting features. These features add enjoyments to the slot games. One of the popular online slot features is the bonus rounds and free spins that it comes with. The latter provides an opportunity for players to win extra payouts. You should note that some bonus rounds, and free spins offers would last for a specific period of time. It would be wide to use them during that period. Others come with conditions attached to them. Other online slot features include scatter & wilds, cascading symbols, and paylines.