What you should do to ensure that you keep an audience on live streaming

What you should do to ensure that you keep an audience on live streaming

실시간중계 you need to have an audience to be successful. What should you do? It would be best if you appreciated your existing subscribers accordingly. Even if their contribution is small, you have to thank them accordingly as it is improving your site. You have to let your audience know that you appreciate them. 

When focusing on the game, it might be hard for you to appreciate your subscribers, but you can decide to have a plug to automate the entire process. You have to remember that, this does not in any way replace the need to make personal mention while streaming. But it can help get some recognition while waiting for the gap in your gameplay where attention is shifted. 

Take song and game requests

To show your audience that you care for them, you should take in their opinions and input. During your 실시간중계, you need to ask them the games they would wish to try for the next session.  If you are the type who likes playing songs when streaming, you can also take requests for songs. Just allowing the audience to select a song on the playlist, it encourages interaction. 

Connect with your audience on social media

Some of your audience would wish to interact with you while away from your live streaming. That is true, especially if your live streaming is not regular. It would be best if you shared some of your social media handles with them. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to become a friend on facebook with all your live streaming followers. But it is fine to share your social pages for some media platform as well as your twitter handle where you can make interactions with them, and they can also interact with each other. 

Even if you are not sharing information related to sports, some audiences will have an interest in what you say away from live streaming. You can look out for social media platforms that are for gamers and give them your link. What is important is that you will need to engage with your audience away from live streaming. 

Give out incentives to make the audience to come back

If you give the right incentives, then you will have audience members who are ready to sponsor or subscribe to your content. When it comes to live to stream, it tends to be different from the traditional content. So what should you do to incentivize your audience? 

One of the ways you are going to do this is through having giveaways. Ensure that you understand all the rules around the contents on the particular platform that you are utilizing and the region where you are running the competition. 

Ideas for giveaways are game service subscriptions, gift cards, and games. You can send keys digitally, which might save you the shipping costs when you are just a newbie. Depending on the platform you are using to stream, it is possible to incentivize subscriptions. 

With the growth of your channel, you can aim high, even get prizes that are sponsored by various companies. But if you are still a newbie, you can get some gaming deals which you can give away to your audiences. 

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