Time to check the wide variety of Fishing Machine Games

Fishing machine games are rapidly gaining mainstream traction and within the betting and arcade community across the globe. There are a variety of arcade style and slot casino like fishing machine games already on the market.  They vary in configurations, styles, sizes, individual tastes and preferences however the objective and concept remain the same. The game is quite simple and straightforward and accessible by individuals of all levels, be it armature or experienced. Simply use the joystick to shoot at and capture the fish hence acquire points.

The Fishing Hunter Arcade game

The Fish Hunter Arcade game is a new – (set to come out soon) table game that retails at $ 2,200 USD. It is compatible for two up to ten players and can be set in English. It is also said to rival the English version of Ocean King 3 Series.

Its Features

The Body of the Fish Hunter Arcade game features a vibrant LED lighting, liquid crystal display LCD that comes in five different sizes (32,47,55,65,85 inches). It also features a high definition 3D intended to heighten the entire oceanic fishing experience. A colorful and ergonomic joystick for your plays as well as three level difficulty; normal speed, fast speed to lightning lock target gun.

The Ocean King 3 Series

The Ocean King Three series is very similar to the Fish Hunter game arcade style. Almost all the features available on the Fish Hunter game arcade are spot on hence the rivalry. With the exception that it comes with a 5 difficulty levels and the option of having it in either standing format or folded table, it’s all up to you!

An additional 18 months’ worth warranty and lifetime technical support and maintain service are available online 24/7. The Ocean King 3 series currently retails for about $2600 USD.