When is the best time to visit japan

When is the best time to visit japan

If you need advice regarding when is the best time to visit japanyou should learn the fact that first that the best time is not consistent as different parts of the archipelago offers different attractions during the different seasons. Springtime has always been the preferred choice for many tourists. But the winter can be a great time too to visit Japan. In reality, it depends on how you want to enjoy the tour that will determine the perfect timing for the tour. For instance, the weather reports indicate the cherry blossom in Kyushu during March but In Hokkaido during May. 

Climate and weather

One of the chief factors to consider while planning the tour to Japan is the weather of the place. The country has a diverse geographical spread that causes remarkable variations in the weather patterns from the sub-tropical zone of the south to the sub-arctic zone of the north. Even the winter weather varies a lot. The western Sa of Japan suffers heavy snowfall and cold winds while the Pacific coasts experience clear and dry winter days. Mountains get the heavy snowfall, and the sky remains clear. Summer is the time of typhoons, and August is usually the hottest month. 

Winter can be great

The average winter temperature drops to 5 degrees across the central part of Japan. Snowfall is common in the mountains, but you will get plenty of sunshine. If skiing is in your travel plan, then you must aim for the winter season. Otherwise, you can make plans between March and May or September to November. Bit for a budget trip, it is a good idea to travel in winter as the transportation cost will be lower. The accommodation prices will also be low. And you can get to see the Sapporo festival too, which will be a lifetime experience. 

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