office partitions

Is your office eyeing a renovation or even a minor space refresh in the next year or two? Today’s businesses have all sorts of options to wade through when it comes to design, layout, and furnishings in the office. Of course, your business’s specific needs and the industry you’re in both factor into the decision-making process. What’s good for an automotive engineering firm might not be best for a Silicon Valley startup, for example.

Whatever your needs are and your budget allows, you certainly don’t want your office refresh to be boring. Here are three ways to spice up the design of your office.

  1. Maximize the Use of Natural Light

Harvard Business Review describes natural light as “the #1 office perk.” Employees report feeling gloomy and tired without it, and around a third of employees don’t think they get enough at work. Installing large windows can be expensive, but take whatever steps your budget allows to increase the natural light streaming into your workplace. One easy step is turning solid exterior doors into glass ones.

  1. Install Sleek, Modern Office Partitions

The open floorplan office doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and it certainly has its advantages (collaboration and economy, to name two). But the truth is, sometimes you need a little privacy. Incorporate sleek glass office partitions into your office refresh to add some privacy without boxing people in. Office partitions are available in an impressive array of configurations and styles. The glass panels can be left clear or frosted in varying degrees, from partial obfuscation to complete privacy.

If your office has the benefit of natural sunlight, glass office partitions extend the reach of the sunlight by letting it stream through. Other solutions block the light. Glass office partitions are also versatile. They’re designed in a semi-permanent fashion, and they can be reconfigured with far less fuss than drywall or other building materials.

  1. Add Huddle Rooms to Your Open Office

If your current or upcoming floorplan is more or less an open office setup, add in some huddle rooms. These first-come, first-served rooms offer a place to collaborate on specific projects. Or, with adequate insulation, they can act as quiet rooms for individuals who need a quiet space to focus.

Quick tip: Perhaps your office space doesn’t lend itself to the construction of discrete, 4-wall huddle rooms. In that case, you can create a few using glass office partitions by replacing a few wall-facing cubicles with 3 frosted-glass office partitions. Each cubicle converts to a small huddle room.

An office renovation can be exciting! Spice yours up using these three design tips. Your employees will thank you.