Using Sliding Doors as Room Dividers

Using Sliding Doors as Room Dividers

Have a large room that needs a little more privacy? Or, maybe you have one big room you’d like to see broken up into multiple, smaller rooms. If so, sliding doors room dividers are the answer. They are even perfect for small spaces, like studio apartments, if you are looking for privacy.

Room dividers

There are so many choices when it comes to sliding doors room dividers: Japanese sliding doors, French doors, sliding barn doors, and more. There are lots of options, and countless ways to use those doors to add some style and privacy to your home.

Uses for door room dividers

Using sliding doors for room dividers is a versatile, unique way to personalize your home. Sliding doors can be used to separate a dining room from a living room, a kitchen from a living room, or make one large bedroom into two (among other things). These sliding doors can even break up a home office, providing space for two people to work.

Room dividers can help make small apartments, studios, or dorm rooms seem larger. These dividers give roommates more privacy. more privacy. Or, if you have a larger space, these types of room dividers can help you make the most of a large space, like an open-concept home. Room dividers can help you create different areas within the space.

Different types of doors

Old doors: Looking for an antique look? Old doors not only make great room dividers, but they will give your home a truly unique look. They don’t have to match, and their imperfections are part of their charm. You can look at garage sales, flea markets, or antique shops for old doors to fix up, or look for newer ones that are designed to look ‘weathered’. Either way, they will bring a sense of style to any room.

Japanese sliding doors: Japanese décor is known for its minimalism and efficiency. Japanese sliding doors are simple, effortless, and beautiful. They are both classic and contemporary and will match any home’s style. These sliding doors are also called “shoji screens,” and use simple materials like wooden framing or bamboo lattice filled with translucent paper, as well as a railing system. Because they are translucent, they help make rooms seem larger.

French doors: While French doors are typically used as exterior patio doors, they also make elegant room dividers. Use these sliding doors between areas like kitchens and dining room, as they also allow for a visual connection between the spaces. The glass in these doors also allows light to flow into the room. If you would like to use them in areas where you’d like more privacy, simply add curtains or blinds.

Barn doors: Today, one of the most popular styles of room dividers is the barn door. Sliding doors are rustic, stylish, and easy to customize. You can purchase them in almost any color or stain (or do it yourself). They come in many different styles, too; you can choose barn doors to blend in with your home’s décor or stand out, and really draw the eye.

Who needs walls when you have sliding doors room dividers?

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