Get the Best Agreed Value Car Insurance Orange County CA Offers

Owning a classic or custom vehicle, you need to get the right type of insurance. That’s not an easy task at all. You probably don’t want to get the same kid that you use for your daily driver. Antique and custom vehicle owners often get agreed-value car insurance. For the best agreed value car insurance Orange County CA has to offer, you’ll need to get an appraisal of the your vehicle.

With an appraisal, you can safeguard your investment because you’ll be able to tell what your car is currently worth. An insurance car appraise likely won’t consider the customizations and modifications that you have done to your car. They won’t get worked into the final appraised value of the car. They are not likely to have access to data on recent comparable sales, either.

Your daily drive insurance is probably not the best choice for your classic or custom vehicle. You can get the current market value of the market vehicle, or you might get less. Most stated value car insurance policies, which is what your daily driver policy is, include a clause that states that you will receive the lesser of two values: what the vehicle is stated to be worth on the policy or what the cash value of the vehicle is.

However, when you get an agreed value car insurance policy, you and the insurer agreed on the value of the vehicle. With a current appraisal, you’ll have independent verification of the value of the vehicle. You’ll get the amount that you and the insurance company agreed the car was worth when you bought it, which is the amount provided by the appraisal done by a professional appraiser experienced in appraising custom and classic vehicles.

Your agreed value car insurance is probably going to be less expensive than your traditional car insurance because custom and classic car owners typically store their cars in a garage or other location. These cars are usually not daily drivers, either, and this can lower the cost of premiums.

The appraiser who determines the value of your vehicle will go over your car bumper to bumper and will take dozens of photographs and detailed notes. You’ll get a printed and digital copy of the report, which contains the appraisal value determined after a careful inspection of your car and consultation with our extensive database of recent comparable sales.

For the best agreed value car insurance Orange County CA, give us a call for an appraisal to submit to your insurance company of choice first.