Things to consider when buying an iPhone

Things to consider when buying an iPhone

When planning to buy a used iPhone, there are many things you will need to consider, including whether any iPhone Repair has been done on the phone. But unless you are purchasing from a friend that you trust or a close family member, it might be hard to know some details about the used iPhone.

According to iPhone Repairexperts, you must buy your used iPhone from certified pre-owned iPhone dealers. The differences in prices for the iPhones sold at licensed used iPhone shops and other places might be tempting to opt for the latter, but in the end, it might not be worth it.  You have to ask yourself how much risk do you want to carry with your used iPhone.

The following are some of the considerations you have to make before purchasing a pre-owned iPhone.

Ensure whoever is selling is legitimate

If the phone which you are purchasing was stolen, it could be blocked by the original user, making to be useless. For you to know if the phone is blocked or not, check out its IMEI. It is a unique identification number assigned to an individual phone. You will find it displayed on the phone’s exterior or its display.

With the use of the IMEI number, you will be able to access and find out if the phone you want to purchase is blocked or blacklisted.

Ensure that your carrier can use the phone

Using the IMEI number, you can still check out if your network can be activated by the phone. Some mobile carriers allow you to be able to check the IMEI number on their website.

Do some quality check on the mobile

If you are checking the phone in person before you make the purchase, ensure that it doesn’t have any excess damage. There could be some wear and tear on the phone’s exterior, which is normal, mainly if an average person used it.

If you find out that the phone has excess damage like cracks spread across the screen, then it will not last you for long.  Other items you should check for usability and injury include:

  • Touch the screen and the buttons: Ensure that the home button is working and that all the areas on the screen are responding to your touch.
  • Jack for the headphone: You have to plug in the headphone and ensure that you can hear the sound.
  • Speakers: You have to ensure that you turn on the speakers when the headphones are not on to test its volume control.

Check out for water damage

There is a liquid contact indicator on all iPhones which gets activated when they are exposed to any liquid containing water.  Check out the Apple website to find out where the indicators are on your particular iPhone. Verify the IMEI and check if the case matches the one that is loaded in the software.

Test the battery

With an iPhone, you are supposed to get about 10 hours of battery use on a 3G.

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