Maximizing Your Infrared Sauna Experience: Dr. Michael Poss’ Insights on Preparing for Optimal Results

Infrared saunas have gained attention for their potential health benefits, including relaxation, improved circulation, and potential detoxification. Proper preparation is essential to enhance your experience and ensure a safe and beneficial session. Dr. Michael Poss, a renowned expert in wellness, emphasizes key insights for preparing for an effective and rewarding infrared sauna experience.

Understanding Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas utilize infrared light to produce heat that is absorbed by the body more directly compared to traditional saunas. The gentle, radiant heat can penetrate deeply into the skin, potentially offering a range of benefits, from relaxation to detoxification.

Hydration: The Foundation of a Successful Session

Dr. Michael Poss underscores the importance of being well-hydrated before an infrared sauna session. Adequate hydration helps support the body’s ability to sweat and regulate temperature during the session. Drinking water before and after the session helps replace fluids lost through perspiration, aiding in maintaining optimal hydration levels.

Pre-Sauna Cleansing

Prior to entering the sauna, it is advisable to take a shower to cleanse the body. This removes any lotions, oils, or residual sweat on the skin, allowing the infrared heat to penetrate more effectively.

Appropriate Attire and Towels

Choose lightweight, loose-fitting clothing or a bathing suit for your sauna session. Dr. Michael Poss suggests bringing a couple of towels—one to sit on inside the sauna and another to wipe away sweat during and after the session.

Mindful Time Management

Infrared saunas usually operate at lower temperatures compared to traditional saunas, but it’s vital to manage the duration of your session. For those new to sauna use, starting with shorter sessions of around 15-20 minutes is recommended. Over time, gradually extend your duration as you become more accustomed to the heat.

Listening to Your Body

Dr. Michael Poss emphasizes the importance of paying attention to your body’s responses during the sauna session. If you start feeling dizzy, uncomfortable, or excessively fatigued, exit the sauna immediately and allow your body to cool down. Always prioritize listening to your body’s signals and take breaks when necessary.

Post-Sauna Care and Hydration

After your session, take a lukewarm shower to cleanse the skin and gradually cool down. Rehydrate by drinking water to replenish the fluids lost through sweating. Resting and allowing your body to return to its normal temperature is important post-session.

Seeking Professional Advice

Before starting a sauna regimen, especially for individuals with existing health conditions, consulting with a healthcare provider is advisable. Not everyone may be suitable for infrared sauna use, so ensure it is safe for your specific health circumstances.


Preparing for an infrared sauna session is essential to maximize the potential health benefits and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Dr. Michael Poss highlights hydration, cleanliness, appropriate attire, and attentiveness to your body’s signals as crucial aspects of preparation. By following these guidelines and being mindful of your body’s responses, you can optimize the benefits of your infrared sauna experience while ensuring a safe and comfortable session.

Always consult a healthcare professional if you have any health concerns or uncertainties about using an infrared sauna, especially if you have underlying health conditions.