Iconic 1911 Holsters For Your 1911 Handgun

A holster is a safe and protective cover for a gun that is worn on the shoulder or the belt of the carrier. It is made of leather. Holsters are the most important gun accessory.

The 1911 handgun – The Best Handgun For Safety

This gun has proven itself worthy through the test of time. The design of the legendary John M. Browning is brilliant. No other gun has been invented yet like the 1911 handgun. This gun is particularly known for its flexibility and durability.

This gun has everything a safety gun should have and more. Excellent manufacturing, outstanding performance, and ease of use is the reason this gun still remains customer favorite. When it comes to safety, 1911 Handguns should be properly kept in 1911 holsters.


The 1911 Handguns were used in the American military and police departments in world war I and world war II. 1911 handgun was designed by John M. Browning. It was a flawless and durable gun. When you buy a 1911 holster for your 1911 handgun, you are wearing a piece of rich history.


The 100+-year-old pistol design is still in customer demand today because of its unmatched accuracy. It continues to dominate over other handguns. The manufacturers and customers both buy this gun for safety. Buying and using 1911 holsters for 1911 handguns only improves its accuracy further.


The frame of the 1911 handgun is a government frame. The government frame is the frame of a full-sized pistol. Its barrel length is 5 inches and overall length is 8.25 inches. Its height is 5.5 inches. Its width is 1 inch at the slide and 1.2 inches at the grip. The build of the frame is seamless. Most government officials and police cops prefer this gun. The 1911 holsters make it easier to distribute the weight of the gun and carry it easily.


The trigger of the 1911 handgun is the best when compared to other guns. The flexibility the trigger of this gun provides makes it superior in overall accuracy. All the models of the 1911 handguns outperform other guns easily. That is why it is the best gun for safety use. The leather 1911 holsters also provide easy grip and access which is optimal for beginners.

Why you should buy 1911 holsters

1911 Handguns are owned by many people worldwide. Any responsible gun owner knows that the proper way of storing a gun is in its proper holster. 1911 holsters provide safe cover for 1911 handguns. Carrying a gun can cause unnecessary panic among the public but your personal safety is also important. You can carry your 1911 handgun with you wherever you go. If you store your 1911 handgun in your 1911 holsters, you can comfortably carry it. A holster provides proper concealment also. So nobody else has to know that you are carrying a gun. Many gun owners prefer to carry their guns IWB (inside the waistband) that conceals the gun. 1911 guns are precious. 1911 holsters protect the guns from getting stolen. You can buy 1911 holsters in leather material for the most comfortable use.