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Everything You Need To Know About diamond with ashes Of Your Loved One

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are not only a symbol of love but also an everlasting way to remember the love that was left on earth. Nowadays, people keep their loved one’s ashes and turn them into diamonds, which will be worn by the next generation. Here is everything you need to know about this new trend in jewelry.

What Is ADiamond With Ashes?

The new trend in jewelry is the diamond with the ashes of your loved one. When someone passes away, a loved one can choose to keep their ashes or scatter them. However, some people have turned to another way to honor their loved ones for all eternity. They turn the ashes of their loved ones into a diamond and wear it as an urn necklace.

A few years ago, crematoriums in Belgium discovered this new trend. The crematoriums offered the service and would turn human remains into synthetic diamonds that could be used in any type of jewelry. And now, companies all over the world are catching onto this new trend in jewelry.

The Process Of Turning ALoved One’s Ashes Into Diamonds

The process of turning your loved one’s diamond with ashes is known as “Memorializing.” The process consists of two steps. In the first step, you must choose a diamond or a diamond shape for the urn or capsule in which your loved one’s ashes will be placed. Once you have chosen the diamond, it is sent to a laboratory where they are cremated and placed in the stone. 

The second step is designating an engraving that will be etched into the stone, noting your loved one’s name and dates of birth and death, as well as any other engravings that you would like to include on the stone. This can include a heart with angel wings if your loved one passed away from cancer, for example.

Benefits OfDiamond With Ashes Of Your Loved One

A diamond with the ashes of your loved one is a special type of jewelry to commemorate the love you have for them. It’s also a way to keep the memories of those who passed away alive.The cremated ashes are mixed with fluid and crystals, which are then cast in liquid metal. 

This process can take up to one week and will produce a beautiful piece of jewelry that is unique because it has the ashes from someone’s loved one inside of it. If you are interested in this type of jewelry, be sure to choose a reputable jeweler. You want to ensure that the jeweler is trustworthy and will create a quality product for you. 

The jewelers should be able to answer any questions you may have about the process, such as what happens if there are additional cremated remains after the casting process? Your diamond will be created with both the ashes and diamonds, so no matter what happens, your loved ones will always be there with you on earth or in heaven.

Who Wears Diamond With Ashes Jewelry?

People who wear diamond with ashes jewelry are typically those who have lost a loved one and want to remember them forever. This jewelry is not for those who mourn, but for those who have lost someone, and the work of grieving is done.