Cheat codes used in the context of slot machines

Slot machines are like vending machines that offer different numbers for their users by depicting them on screen. These numbers then determine the winner of every innings in casinos. With an increase in virtual platforms, many websites, such as pgslot, also offer several gambling games that are played with the help of online slot machines. It is not legal to hamper slot machines’ alignment, neither online nor offline, but still some clever experts do these fraudulent practices for the sake of gaining extra money. They embezzle with the format of slot machines or create some secret hacking cheats to loot the money from casinos.

Some of the clever techniques used by gamblers are:

  1. Yo-yo: Very similar to the string theory, this technique of cheating requires a string to be attached with the coin, and the coin is then delivered into the machine. It triggers the beginning of the inning, and the gambler pulls the coin back with the help of that string. It is the most traditional cheating method used to happen in past decades. Though it involved very high risk, it surely led the player to a big win.
  2. Wand: It is the most notorious cheat formula in slot machines in the history of gambling because; it has some type of magician tricks. Some magicians had the ability to create an atmosphere of illusion around the slot machine and used to manipulate the slot machine placed in front of him with the help of their wand. It leads to an immediate jackpot win due to magic tricks by making the optical sensor blind or freeze. That means they make the slot machine temporarily unable to work and count the coins inserted. It helped those magicians cum gamblers to win many small wins.
  3. Piano wire: The oldest form of cheating is when a team of players opened the aimed slot machine and linked a 20 inch lengthy piano wire to the whirr of the game. The wires jammed the clock that is used for measuring the number of rotations of the spinning wheel. In other words, those players manipulated the spins and not the slot machines. The scam was later revealed, and the players were arrested.
  4. Top and bottom: This trick also comes in the list of most cunning ways to cheat the slot machines and very popular in the decades of the 1970s and 80s. It worked by using a particular tool by splitting it into two parts. The top of the rod is in bent condition, whereas the bottom has a long wire. These somehow jammed the machine’s slots and the game release all coins it had maintained and stored. This trick made a huge win.

Conclusion: Nowadays, the casino cafes and hubs have become very strict in the context of any kind of cheatings; hence they have made the slot machines extremely cold, and control rooms and computers regulate these. Cheaters might be finding it tough to crack now.