5 Beautiful Color Trends for Luxury Area Rugs in 2019

5 Beautiful Color Trends for Luxury Area Rugs in 2019

The forecasts are in! We’ve carefully researched the emerging color trends for home decor and luxury area rugs this year. Aside from Pantone’s ‘living coral’ as the Color of the Year, other colors are cropping up in the shopping charts. We can’t wait to share them to you! Here are five more popular colors we found:

1. Light Blue

This color is a no-brainer for spring, but did you know that our rugs with light blue also look gorgeous year-round? Light blue, or more specifically dove blue, is an attractive color for cool tones. Pair with tans or browns for a beach vibe, white for a crisp airy look, or even orange for an appealing contrast. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with light blue!

2. Beige

After years of dominance, gray’s reign is finally over. Beige is taking over as the primary neutral. Versatile in any room, beige is a great color to play off natural environments. Is your home set in a desert? Caressed by the sea? Nestled in the trees? No matter the landscape, beige is the perfect base to spring from your local decor palette.

3. Lemon Yellow

Also known as “Gen-Z Yellow,” this happy color is popping up everywhere in fashion. Why not make a statement with a fabulous rug with yellow accents? Shake things up in the office, your kitchen, or living area with this lively color and get a conversation going the next time you have company.

4. Sage Green

This versatile color is back for 2019! It’s a beautiful choice for luxury area rugs. The subtle lush feel of sage green creates a seamless blend for a wide variety of colors. It’s easy to mix and match this green for beginner designers. Pair it with cream, black, or blue to enjoy it year-round in a bedroom, living room, or gathering area.

5. Dusty Rose

The soft muted warmth of this color is a classy grown-up version of pink! An excellent addition to the family room, dining area, or foyer, the support and positivity of dusty rose does wonderful in any room where comfort is welcome.

Stay on Trend with Zhaleh!

Rugs by Zhaleh is your go-to for all the latest trends in luxury area rugs. Backed by generations of skilled trade knowledge, Zhaleh carries a sound reputation for the finest exotic rugs on the market. If you’re not sure which rug is the best choice for you, simply give our gallery a call. Just browsing? No problem. Come enjoy our exquisite luxury rug collection at our gallery showrooms in person. We look forward to seeing you here!

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