Types of desert safari that you can go for 

Dubai is a beautiful place to visit once in a lifetime and remains in the top of the travelers list. Numbers of tourists daily come to visit this beautiful place and enjoy the rich Arabian culture of this place. From amazing huge skyscrapers to the beautiful golden desert sand all is worth taking a look. The most famous activity that tourists love doing is desert safari Dubai. This is a very fun way to make your trip more memorable and exciting. No matter you are travelling with your family or partner these desert safaris will be loved by all age groups. The person who is taking you for the safari will pick you and drop you to your hotel after you have enjoyed exploring the deserts as pick and drop services are included when you choose safari package. 

Types of desert safari you can book 

  • Evening desert safari – evening desert safari starts from 3PM and you can book affordable desert safari deals online comparing different packages and offers on them. Evening desert safari is very exciting especially if you are going out with your friends. You can enjoy the BBQ cooking and meals on these safari. You can take part in various activities like Arabic henna application or you can also watch belly dancers for the entertainment purpose. Arabic belly dance is famous all over the world thus watching professional dancers will be great fun. 
  • Overnight desert safari – overnight desert safari is where you can stay with your group of friends or partner all night long enjoying various fun activities like born fire in the chilly night. You can have a fancy dinner arrangements for your loved one by booking VIP tables. You can do camping in the deserts and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes present there. Overnight desert safari is very famous among the travelers as they can see the view of amazing deserts at the night. 
  • Morning desert safari – morning is the best time to explore the desert and go for the camel rides. These camel rides are of 30 minutes at least and are loved by kids if you are going with your family. You can also go for the various sports like bike riding or sand boarding in morning desert safari. You can book your own sand bike and enjoy the bike ride in the golden sand with your friends and family having great time and creating some good memories.