Here Is How To Get Real Instagram Followers

“To like to follow ought to do both; that is the eternal question.” That is not the only dilemma that you are facing; I am sure you are confronted with, which gives you peace of mind. Yes, you read it right. Social media obsession, especially on Instagram, is trending. It has already become an obsession for these kids to become like the influencers, & they start doing things that they shouldn’t for likes & followers.

Why is Instagram so popular?

The simple reason is Instagram likes and followers. Real Instagram followers play an important role in making one popular. You, me, us — everyone popular. However, there are two sides to this.

  •  Firstly, to make and improve our online presence focusing on likes and followers is important. Not to forget the likes and followers’ indispensability in building more connections and promoting business are some of the primary aspects that will look forward to. More number of likes increases once visibility, at the same time increasing the chances of being featured. Growing followers ensures one can interact, socialize, and gather feedback from more people spanning across posts and the Instagram platform.
  • Secondly, we cannot ignore the false sense of pride we enjoy in bragging and comparing the followers and the likes. In getting connected with people, we end up competing, bringing our private life to the threshold of the doors of the world. So much so that our life, who we are, gets controlled and shaped by the number of likes we are getting and hitting, the followers and the following, and the pages and posts we are creating. To add on to it, one can go to the extent of buying Instagram likes and followers to get satisfactory dopamine levels! 

Google is flooded with articles on Instagram, the likes followers, and how to increase them. To connect with people worldwide, socialize with others, we have ended up competing with our peers. To remain at par with the others, we are alarmingly on the verge of ratification from the ‘other,’ creating more differences.

You Know the Difference

Sharing of a post where one needed a rare blood group would receive less ‘likes’ and attention than a post that shows what brand of diaper that his or her baby uses! And apart from this, having real Instagram followers can add more likes, views, and comments to your posts.

Ultimately trickles down to how one uses the social media platform like Instagram for improving oneself. On a positive note, it is the very Instagram post that allows me to develop and polish my writing skills. One has ample scope to pan out, grow, and develop using Instagram and the like.

Instagram has expanded its users not only in India but also in numerous countries. Grow from within! Don’t grow from merely for the sake of popularity!