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Trump to talk to Russia's Putin about substantially reducing nuclear weapons

July 16 2018, 04:48 | Irvin Gilbert

Trump Says 'No Problem' In NATO, Touting Allies' Spending Pledges

Trump Seemed To Exhibit Multiple Personalities At NATO Summit

"I'm not going in with high expectations but we may come out with very surprising things, ' Trump said, and added that building a relationship with the Russian President was his priority, because it would be 'good for Russia, good for everybody".

"The proliferation is a tremendous, I mean to me, it's the biggest problem in the world, nuclear weapons, biggest problem in the world", Trump said alongside British Prime Minister Theresa May at her Chequers country residence.

However, Hurt actually believes the news could help Trump because he could use these indictment to point out that the Democrats' "collusion" scandal appears to be nothing more than unfounded political nonsense. And Trump should definitely not meet him alone.

Even so, Trump said Thursday "I think we would have a chance to have a very good relationship with Russian Federation and a very good relationship with Putin" were it not for Mueller's "rigged witch hunt".

"It's on", White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in an emailed response to questions about Monday's summit in Helsinki.

"It defies logic that Putin did not know of this and that Putin did not approve of it", he said. More likely we're going to hear stuff like "Thank God the United States has never interfered with elections" from him to minimize the gravity of what Moscow did.

However, what really happened was that the US president retained an insulting and aggressive persona when the world was watching; a move that some believe Trump may be trying to pull to appeal to his right-leaning political base.

This is not the first time when Trump blamed Obama for the annexation of Crimea.

Expectations are high in Russian Federation that Putin, with more than 18 years of global experience, will have the edge on Trump, who had not held elected office before he was inaugurated last year.

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"It is up to President Trump to hold #Putin accountable for his actions during the meeting in #Helsinki", McCain tweeted yesterday.

Speaking with host Ana Cabrera, the outspoken Democrat was blunt in his assessment of what Friday's indictments, announced by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein mean, stating, "This means we are at war with Russian Federation".

"Putin dispatched Russian special forces to Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in February 2014, after protesters in Kyiv forced the downfall of corrupt Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, a Kremlin client". Yes, really: The top Democrat on the Senate Intel Committee is insinuating that the president of the United States might be some sort of Russian asset who needs to be watched by his deputies.

Nikonov said Trump was now strong enough to pursue his own agenda.

Because whatever spin Trump places on his mano-a-mano with Putin, he will be perceived as having been taken to the cleaners if Putin emerges from the summit with an effective green light to continue suppressing dissent at home and backing atrocities in Ukraine and Syria.

Kremlin critics at home and overseas see Trump's decision to grant Putin a summit against that backdrop as conferring worldwide legitimacy and status on Putin, something they say he doesn't deserve given the lack of meaningful change in Russia's policies internationally. Warner also called on the president and his allies to "immediately cease and desist from calling the Mueller investigation a witch hunt".

Two Foreign Affairs Democrats, ranking member Eliot L. Engel of NY and Ted Lieu of California, joined House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith, Rep.

Trump has spent the week in Europe for the annual North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

"Failure to stand up to Putin would constitute a profound betrayal of the Constitution and our democracy", Pelosi said in a statement.

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