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Britain: Scotland Yard Says Couple Poisoned by Russian Nerve Agent

July 21 2018, 08:01 | Irvin Gilbert

Police officers near Amesbury Baptist Church which has been cordoned off after a'major incident

Russia? Brexit distraction? Twitter erupts amid ‘unknown substance’ case near Salisbury

In this normally pleasant town of 10,000 residents a stone's throw from the mysterious Stonehenge monument, the new reality is sinking in: Novichok, again.

London blames Russian Federation for the Skripal attack, with Home Secretary (interior minister) Sajid Javid on Thursday accusing Moscow of using Britain as a "dumping ground for poison".

More than 100 officers were looking for clues in a race to understand how two local people were exposed to a nerve agent that was produced in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Russia has fiercely denied British accusations over the Skripals' poisoning and accused London of using the incident to fan an anti-Russian campaign.

The following day, South West Ambulance Service were called to the house at 10.15am and Ms Sturgess was taken to hospital.

Mr Wallace added there was a low risk to the public, stating: "In the whole area of national security, we can't give 100pc guarantees, and we try to minimalise the risk, and I know the people of Salisbury will be anxious".

"They can come and tell us what happened".

Javid said on Thursday (Friday NZT) the nerve agent involved in the current case was the same variety as that used against Skripal and his daughter, but it's not clear whether the two samples came from the same batch. They had a timeline of the Skripals' movements in Salisbury as they became ill, and spent millions of pounds cleaning those known sites.

Authorities initially thought the two had taken a contaminated batch of heroin or crack cocaine. "This government and its representatives will have to apologise to Russian Federation and the global community".

More than $30 million Russian Rostelecom spent on the development of "Sputnik"
A recent contract signed in August this year involves the use of nearly $6 million for the further promotion of the system. This huge sum was spent on development of the Russian web search engine and online portal.

The Russians have denied these claims, and have accused the United Kingdom of staging the entire thing just to make Russia look bad.

Amid fears the public could still be at risk, United Kingdom security minister Ben Wallace earlier confirmed the "working assumption" was the couple taken ill in Amesbury - around 12km from Salisbury - were not targeted victims, but encountered the substance accidentally.

Members of the media stand outside a police cordon.

"I'm not so easily scared, but there has to be more to it", said Justin Pritchard, enjoying a beer with a friend. Now this is completely separate.

Hobson said that Sturgess was living in a homeless hostel in Salisbury and Rowley was a drug user who lived in Amesbury, a small town about eight miles (13 kilometres) north of Salisbury.

Police said they received test results Wednesday night from Porton Down, a military research centre, that showed the pair had been exposed to Novichok.

Police say specialists have determined that a British couple in their 40s who visited the city of Salisbury were poisoned by the same lethal toxin - developed by the Soviet Union - that nearly killed Sergei and Yulia Skripal in the same English city in March.

It was also reported that the perpetrators spread Novichok nerve-agent on the front door handle "to infect him with it by touch".

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