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North Korea media herald Kim's S'pore stroll

July 16 2018, 04:47 | Irvin Gilbert

GETTY STOCK IMAGEWorld War 3 Nuclear powers were urge to curtail their nuclear weapon arsenals

World War 3 USA and Russia nuclear explosion

"We hope that the outcomes of the US-DPRK Summit will be implemented, thus paving the way for lasting peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula", said the External Affairs Ministry.

President Donald Trump claimed that "there is no longer a nuclear threat" from North Korea after arriving back in Washington from Singapore where he met with Kim Jong Un for a historic summit.

Other pictures showed onlookers taking pictures of Kim, who has made only two previous trips beyond the Korean peninsula as leader, both of them to China.

The US had previously ruled out suspending military exercises because they have been a big part of its military alliance with South Korea and a deterrent against the north.

"There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea".

All of the media, limited as it may be, in North Korea is controlled by the state.

US-based experts with experience of negotiating with or studying North Korea remain sceptical of the US-North Korea declaration signed in Singapore yesterday. During a news conference after negotiations between the two leaders, when asked why "complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization" was not secured in the details of the agreement, Trump conceded that there simply was "no time".

Past American presidents have refused face-to-face meetings with North Korea's leadership over fears of legitimizing a totalitarian state that has admitted to state-sponsored kidnapping and sent thousands of its citizens to forced labor camps.

World War 3 Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un
GETTY World War 3 North Korea and the US signed a denuclearisation deal

During the forum, Baek Jong-chun, chief of the institute's board of directors, said, "Including details is out of character with a joint document for the historic summit", referring to a controversy over the Singapore document having no mention of "complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization (CVID)" of the Korean Peninsula, a demand the USA has made regarding how Pyongyang will denuclearize.

The CTBTO has a comprehensive verification regime to make sure nuclear explosions do not go undetected.It has been active in raising alarm bells on past North Korean underground nuclear tests with its monitoring stations recording unusual seismic activity in that country and then confirming the presence of radioactivity at its regional monitoring stations.

The Singapore summit capped a swift and astonishing turn of events that began on New Year's Day with a pledge by Kim to reach out to the world now that his nuclear forces have been completed.

Trump's comment on suspending joint exercises with Seoul have caught South Korea's Defense Ministry and USA forces in Korea off guard.

"The world will see a major change", the North Korean leader said.

In North Korea on Wednesday, Pyongyang's first reports on the summit stressed to the nation's people that Trump had agreed to Kim's demand to halt the military exercises and suggested that Trump also said he would lift sanctions as negations progressed. "The goal of those exercises is to maintain the readiness of South Korean and USA forces to defend South Korea if necessary; they are a permanent necessity to maintain deterrence, not a bargaining chip".

"It is up to the US and South Korea to decide about their joint exercises".

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