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New malware is being disguised as Fortnite for Android

July 21 2018, 07:59 | Alexander Lowe

Epic Games plans big changes for Fortnite end game

Fortnite’s endgame set to change, giving players new ways to win

After the apps are downloaded, the "game" at first appears legitimate with images and icons ripped from the iOS version of Fortnite (including the logo of its developer Epic Games), and leads users through a promising-looking set of screens: a loading screen, updates, an automatic login page, and a mobile verification step. According to Epic most tactics now rely on the use of shotguns, rockets, and "just build lol", which we can't disagree with.

The popularity of PUBG spiked interest in the battle royale genre and Epic Games' Fortnite cashed in on that in a big way. And now, it seems that one of the next steps is going to be changing up the late game.

As things are right now, players who reach the end of a given match in "Fortnite" are likely to encounter rockets, endless building, and shotguns.

That being said, Epic Games will make some tweaks to weapon balance and resource economy to ensure variety to Fortnite late game.

"You should be able to find Victory Royales through multiple strategies", Epic said. As stated by the studio in regards to forthcoming changes coming over the next few weeks, "Shotguns should be strong, but other weapons have room to grow".

Naturally, the initial reaction from the "elite" players on forums is about what you'd expect.

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Basically, for all eleven of you that have never played Fortnite, the late game gets a little messy.

A release probably isn't that far off, since, we're now in Summer 2018 and Epic had previously promised to launch the android release at some stage before the end of Summer 2018 - which means the game could arrive anytime between now and Sunday 23 September.

In a post on the Fortnite blog, Epic addressed some aspects of the Fortnite metagame that have become a bit of a running joke.

He said: "The more downloads that come from the website, the more money the malware developers can make". What's the fun in watching if everyone relies on the same strategy to win?

I'll be honest, I'm a mediocre builder in Fortnite. In the meantime, this presents a wonderful opportunity to share your opinion on how you think Fortnite should evolve moving forward - especially with Season 5 right around the corner. Keep an eye out for new Fortnite updates which will no doubt feature some of these changes.

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