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California judge in Brock Turner sexual assault case removed from office

June 23 2018, 04:34 | Irvin Gilbert

The Latest: Early results show voters favoring judge recall

The Left's Brock Turner Hypocrisy

Almost 60% of voters supported the removal of Persky, which will be the first time a judge has been recalled in California in 87 years.

The embattled justice, in a rare interview with CNN last week, argued a successful recall effort wouldn't simply remove him from the bench, but would likely to set a unsafe precedent in the future. The frenzied atmosphere, with its aggressive fundraising, heated rhetoric and reports of vandalism and threats, resembles the height of a much larger political race. Prosecutors had wanted a lengthy prison sentence for Turner in the sexual assault of a young woman incapacitated by alcohol. Elected to a six-year term in 2016, the judge caused national outrage after he sided with probation officers and handed a six-month jail sentence to Brock Turner, the Stanford swimmer who was convicted of sexually abusing an unconscious woman near a dumpster on the Ivy League campus.

Prosecutors had asked that Mr Turner be given six years in state prison.

Turner, who denied assaulting the 22-year-old woman, was eventually released from jail after three months for good behavior. She had a passionate advocate in Dauber, a family friend and professor at Stanford Law School who would become the leader of the recall campaign. He did not mention the impact of the assault on the victim, known publicly only as Emily Doe, who described her suffering in a more than 7,000-word statement that went viral soon after it was published by BuzzFeed.

"Judge Persky has failed women in a very significant way, and the voters are going to hold him accountable", Dauber said.

The campaign appears to have popular support, a local poll found. Doing so meant voters in Tuesday's countywide elections would vote on removing him. But when it gets to the step of a recall-actually recalling a judge primarily based on one decision-that, for me, is a step too far. Persky's ruling was widely criticized as unjust, and soon after his ruling people were calling for his dismissal. But the successful recall of Judge Aaron Persky Tuesday for that controversial sentence could have a chilling effect on other judges who make hard decisions. The result came after a petition signed by over 100,000 constituents demanded that Persky's spot on the bench be put up for a vote.

Cordell in turn retained a lawyer, who called the threat of legal action baseless.

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The California Commission on Judicial Performance ruled that he handled the case legally.

"I expected some negative reaction".

Dauber said she had "greater faith in the integrity of judges than Judge Persky and his campaign do".

According to the California Constitution, a recall can be called whenever voters wish "to express their dissatisfaction with their elected representatives". "This was one bad decision, not a pattern". Eleven other Stanford law professors were among 46 law professors opposing the recall.

On both sides of the recall question you'll find county leaders who hate the sentence.

To Persky's defenders, however, the recall posed a threat to judicial discretion.

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