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Volvo's next-gen infotainment will pack Google Maps, Assistant and Play Store

July 20 2018, 08:29 | Guillermo Bowen

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Google has partnered with JBL on the new Link Bar, which is many things in one: It's a soundbar. Instead of focusing the bedroom or kitchen, JBL has made a Google Assistant speaker that can power your entire home theater, whether you're listening to music, looking for a good movie, dim your smart lighting, or you just want to know the weather forecast.

We expect to see Google expand on this at Google IO in the next couple of days but it's change into stable version is a big step towards many more IoT devices with full Google Assistant support. So to enhance the messaging experience on Android Auto, the platform will begin supporting both group messages as well as RCS. As AdAge was the first to report, the revamped news app will include more video from YouTube and offer faster load times, courtesy of Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). We first met Google's smart speaker at I/O in 2016, but two years later Google is still selling the same first-gen speaker. Volvo's next-generation in-dash offering will use Android underpinnings, which will make it much easier to implement Google-based services like this.

Google announced integration with Volvo cars ahead with Google Maps, Apps and Assistant integration.

It all started in 2015 when Google released Android Auto, an in-car platform that brings the look and feel of a smartphone to a vehicle's center screen.

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That said, Google has struggled to extend Android's dominance into other areas over the last four years, technology and financial analysts said.

Volvo Cars' intended partnership with Google will further enhance the way Volvo customers engage with and interact with their cars.

The JBL Link Bar is controlled by Google Assistant and powered by Android TV. In addition, Volvo owners will also be able to avail thousands of apps through the Google Play Store, optimised for Android-based vehicle infotainment systems. The Pixelbook is basically the gold standard when it comes to Chromebooks, and now that Chrome OS-based tablets are becoming a thing, we hope Google is preparing to unveil a sequel to the Pixel C. It's a Google Home.

Consumers can expect Google Maps to provide navigation and real-time traffic updates in future Volvos, along with voice-based control for climate functions and other auto systems. Introduced at the past year's I/O, the Lenovo Mirage So Lo standalone day dream VR headset last but not least saw the light of day in CES 2018.

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