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Microsoft brings more AI smarts to the edge

July 20 2018, 08:31 | Guillermo Bowen

DJI and Microsoft have announced a new strategic partnership to bring forward a new software development kit (SDK) to Windows that will allow for full flight control of commercial drones. The Windows Machine Learning platform will help developers develop machine learning models in the Intelligent Cloud and deploy them offline and in high performance to the PC platform, Microsoft said. Timeline debuted in the latest version of Windows 10, allowing users to access their previously used apps and browser windows across all compatible devices. Microsoft 365, combined with insights from the Microsoft Graph, empowers developers to build intelligent applications. Project Kinect for Azure is a package of sensors (including a next-generation depth camera) with on-board compute capabilities.

A technological marvel it may have been, but the Microsoft Kinect sensor failed to deliver on its promise to revolutionise the Xbox experience. The CEO highlighted the fact that Microsoft's cloud competitors finance their cloud computing businesses with revenue generated from other ventures such as retail and advertising, which may run counter to the interests of business customers. Microsoft's translation tool also offers real-time captioning of conversations.

Adaptive Cards now supported within Microsoft 365 enable developers to create rich, interactive content in messages coming from their apps, bots or services into Teams and Outlook. One notable update is that the company is patterning up with GitHub, to help developers automate their DevOps processes from right within the service without ever leaving GitHub.

3 things that went wrong for Real Madrid against Barcelona
Ronaldo appeared to sustain a knock to his ankle as he bundled home a 14th-minute equaliser for Real at the Camp Nou. After the match, Zidane told the media : "He doesn't feel good now, but I don't think it is anything serious.

On May 7, Day 1 of its Build 2018 developer conference, Microsoft execs said they are making available a preview of Azure Machine Learning Hardware Accelerated Models powered by Project Brainwave in the cloud.

While Microsoft has moved away from Windows as an operating system for smartphones, the company is now focused on enabling users to more easily interact between Windows PCs and their iOS or Android device. For developers, UWP will work with Sets from the start, helping to keep customers engaged.

On Android, the Redmond-based software major is taking advantage of Microsoft Launcher app to bring the feature.

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