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FBI Mole Cried About Russia Collusion in the Past

June 23 2018, 04:24 | Irvin Gilbert

Informants, infiltration and spying: Some definitions in the FBI investigation of team Trump

Trump ‘hereby demands' the Justice Department investigate his conspiracy theories. That's not how it works

Justice Department and intelligence community leaders conferred twice with top Republican and Democratic lawmakers Thursday, hoping to defuse a partisan conflict over the FBI's use of a confidential source to aid the investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian Federation.

Trump has branded his latest attempt to discredit the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation as "spygate", part of a newly invigorated strategy embraced by his Republican colleagues to raise suspicions about the probe into Russian Federation meddling in the 2016 campaign.

Giuliani's public negotiation over terms of an interview focuses on the use of a government informant who approached members of Trump's 2016 campaign in a possible bid to glean intelligence on Russian efforts to sway his race against Democrat Hillary Clinton. The meetings were sought by Trump's GOP allies and arranged by the White House, as the president has tried to sow suspicions about the legitimacy of the FBI investigation that spawned a special counsel probe.

Democrats, meanwhile, said that based on the information they had received, the president's claims of a political spy were unsupported.

After the meetings were over, the Democrats who attended released a brief statement.

Democratic lawmakers declined to comment on the substance of the briefing, but gave a joint statement afterward saying their view had not changed that "there is no evidence to support any allegation that the Federal Bureau of Investigation or any intelligence agency placed a "spy" in the Trump Campaign, or otherwise failed to follow appropriate procedures and protocols".

If Giuliani files any complaints, they would presumably fall on the desk of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller previous year following Comey's ousting.

Comey has been criticized for the FBI's failure to counter Russia's election meddling while it was happening. Giuliani said it would be appropriate for Trump to be briefed about the findings.

More than $30 million Russian Rostelecom spent on the development of "Sputnik"
A recent contract signed in August this year involves the use of nearly $6 million for the further promotion of the system. This huge sum was spent on development of the Russian web search engine and online portal.

Schiff said he was speaking for all the Democrats who attended including top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer, top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi, and top Senate Intelligence Committee Democrat Mark Warner.

Stop waiting for the constitutional crisis that President Donald Trump is sure to provoke.

Trump also rejected a reporter's suggestion that he was undercutting the work of the Justice Department. This conspiracy theory has so many holes that it's hard to know where to begin, but let's start with the glaringly obvious: If the aim was to make Trump lose, why wasn't all the known information about the Trump campaign's Russian Federation connections leaked before the election, when it might have had some impact?

Intelligence officials are horrified that the White House has sanctioned the naming of the supposed informant, an American who teaches history in England, saying this will make it much harder to get information about threats to national security. He previously had said that a decision would not be made about an interview until after Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a meeting the president cancelled Thursday but the White House is open to reviving.

Explaining a new policy aimed at stopping "piling on"-situations where companies are punished a few times for the same crime by different government agencies-he said: "The dictionary defines "piling on" as joining other people in criticizing someone, usually in an unfair manner". They may be newsworthy in that they show what the regime would like people to believe, but we don't assume that they have any relationship to actual facts.

Comey is best known in Silicon Valley for leading an Obama administration charge against end-to-end encryption uncrackable by law enforcement.

Trump also repeated his allegation that the FBI's use of informants - a common practice in investigations - amounted to spying on his campaign.

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