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Explosive eruption occurs at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

June 23 2018, 04:35 | Irvin Gilbert

Explosive eruption occurs at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

Senate aims to improve volcano warning system

The legislation, which still must pass the House and be signed by President Donald Trump, directs the U.S. Geological Survey to create a new federal "volcano watch office" that would monitor active volcanoes in the U.S. and its territories on a 24/7 basis.

Sens. Mazie K. Hirono, Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) secured the passage of S. 346, the National Volcano Early Warning and Monitoring System Act.

"Geologists say the quakes are being caused by the ongoing deflation at the summit and as lava levels continue to decline". Self says Kilauea could bring localized damage and injury to the Big Island, but no one knows for how long.

Ross Birch, the executive director of the Island of Hawaii Visitors Bureau, said officials "walk the fine line".

Fissure No. 17 northeast of Lanipuna Gardens was active but with less lava being added to the flow, said Steve Brantley, deputy scientist-in-charge at Hawaii Volcano Observatory.

"Our shelters are set up so we're not downwind from where the gasses are", he said.

Free N95 masks will be distributed as from 1 p.m.to 7 p.m.at Cooper Center in Volcano, Pahala Community Center, Na'alehu Community Center and at the Shipman Park Pavilion in Kea'au.

The area southeast of Kilauea volcano's summit is in a rural, remote part of Hawaii Island on its eastern edge, far from any major resort areas.

In addition to monitoring the volcano's current activity, researchers are scouring data from Kilauea's extensive monitoring network - which includes tiltmeters, seismometers, and ground and aerial gas detectors - in search of any changes that preceded this explosive event.

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It was the first time a Chinese premier has met with the emperor since June 2010. The trilateral meeting was resumed after a two-and-a-half-year suspension.

Thursday's eruption lasted only a few minutes, said Coombs who called it "a big event that got people's attention, but did not have widespread impact".

Tarson said the ash plume looked different than others he's witnessed because of its sheer height.

Mike Poland, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey, confirmed the explosion on Thursday.

The USGS posted webcam footage of an ash plume billowing from Kilauea's summit, and a plume of ash from an observation tower. More than two dozen homes have been destroyed in the neighbourhood 35 miles from Hilo, the island's largest city.

Staffs for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park had previously evacuated Kilauea summit.

Hawaii residents and tourists have been preparing for a "larger explosion" for two weeks as smaller "fissures" began to appear around the main island; prompting experts to warn a catastrophic event could take place within days.

Historically, Kilauea's rumblings have not been as deadly as other volcanoes around the world, said Steve Malone, an emeritus research professor of volcanology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

USGS officials said last week they expected the possibility of steam-driven explosions at Kilauea. An eruption in 1924 killed one person and sent rocks, ash and dust into the air for 17 days.

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