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Snapchat has outdone itself with the new iPhone X-exclusive Lenses

July 19 2018, 05:10 | Guillermo Bowen

SnapChat is Releasing Special AR Lenses for iPhone X Users

Snapchat's new super-realistic lenses for iPhone X are finally here

If you remember, at the phone's launch event previous year, Apple teased iPhone X-exclusive AR Snapchat Lenses. Interestingly, the new TrueDepth Lenses feature is already made available from today itself for the iPhone X users.

So if you're the proud owner of an iPhone X, be sure to check out the special Snapchat lenses. To kick things off, Snapchat is releasing 3 face filters for the iPhone X, though it's not clear whether that will increase with future updates. Since the cameras on the iPhone X comes with TrueDepth, the new Lenses of Snapchat will look much more real. As you can see in the GIF below Snapchat's feature in action. However, the map of user's face Truedepth camera and information of up to 50 face details can be accessed by developers.

It's worth remembering that, though the TrueDepth camera is used in both this case and for Face ID, there are different layers of security at work.

The carnival mask looks the most impressive, easily fooling any friends you send it to that you've gone and had your face painted for some unknown reason.

The new Lenses are created to reflect surrounding light in a more realistic manner and add a touch of blur to the background, Snap said.

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For Snapchat, lenses are among its most popular features.

Basically, the new lenses are AR Mask for the iPhone X and these lenses are compatible to work with the full face of the users. And, the mathematical representation of that data (used for unlocking the iPhone X through Face ID) is kept out of developers' reach. Apple's facial recognition system and underlying depth-sensing technology sparked the concern of privacy advocates, who questioned whether third parties should be granted access to such sensitive data. Even so, Snapchat will have a better time of recognizing your facial movements with the data it does have access to.

The developer agreement of Apple states face info can not be used for advertising, marketing or generating user profiles. This, according to The Verge, could mean that Snap is also not allowed to make use of this data for targeting ads.

Explaining why the product is taking so long, Boger suggested that the Mac Pro somewhat affects the demand of the rest of its pro-focused product line.

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