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Paul Haynes, who studied the killer for years, thinks ancestry websites helped

May 25 2018, 03:07 | Alonzo Simpson

True crime writer credited for renewing interest in Golden State Killer case

The Golden State Killer is suspected of committing dozens and dozens of crimes in Sacramento County in the late 1970s

In fact, just hours before, Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, had been arrested in California on a warrant stemming from two of the killings.

Ward said he worked with DeAngelo for several years at the Exeter Police Department and was shocked when DeAngelo was arrested in the Golden State Killer case.

On Thursday, sheriff's detectives and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents spent hours combing through his modest single-story house in Citrus Heights, a Sacramento suburb, and probing the backyard with poles for signs of digging. She also wrote about why and how the Golden State Killer case became her obsession later in life. The case baffled investigators for decades. Holes spent almost 25 years on this case, she said.

McNamara's researcher Paul Haynes told Slate that Joseph DeAngelo's name was never on McNamara's radar-or anybody else's as far as he can tell.

"Nothing was odd. Everything was normal".

Investigators say they have linked DeAngelo to 11 killings that occurred after he was sacked.

Her mother, 43-year-old Candace Creech, says she was shook up when she learned that the man who used to pick up and drop off her daughter is accused of such heinous crimes.

Domingo said a trusted source told her on Tuesday they had made an arrest.

"Scares me to death", Candace Creech said.

I finished reading I'll Be Gone in the Dark on Monday, before the mystery was solved.

But it was only over the last few days that information "started to point toward" DeAngelo, and police began investigating him, said Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. The alleged crimes spanned 10 counties.

"An enormous investigation is ongoing as we speak", Totten said.

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Holes said he was glad he didn't knock on DeAngelo's door that day, as events might have taken a violent turn.

"He's been called the East [Area] Rapist". Lights burned all night.

"We found the needle in the haystack, and it was right here in Sacramento", said Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. You can ask anyone who grew up here. FOX40 spoke to her from her Texas home through Facebook.

"Debbi was way more optimistic...she's been willing to learn the details, to connect with investigators".

Salenger, who Wednesday the comedian in November, commemorated the achievement with a sweet shout-out to McNamara and her 9-year-old daughter Alice.

By sheer coincidence, the trio gathered in IL on Tuesday night to celebrate the book, just hours before DeAngelo was taken into custody.

It felt, he said, like he just continued to not live with her. Sharing these stories in a respectful way-as McNamara does with I'll Be Gone in the Dark-feels like it frames personal trauma as a political issue.

"It was astounding to me". "He was the ultimate nightmare for every woman I know".

"Authorities refocused their attention on the case two years ago on the 40th anniversary of the first known attack".

"We were able to get some discarded DNA and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew - that we had our man", Jones said. The genetic material was not a match, but there were enough similarities that investigators got a second sample, which proved conclusive.

Among the items of evidence collected from the house were computers and firearms, he said.

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