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Karolyis: 'No way' they knew about Nassar's behavior

May 23 2018, 01:29 | Van Peters

NBC News

Martha Karolyi Bela Karolyi

In 1996, Nassar was hired by MSU as a faculty member, and in the same year, he became team doctor for the Olympic women's gymnastics team.

As part of the special, Guthrie also interviews Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney, who describes for the first time the sexual assault she endured and how she sounded the alarm of Nassar's abuse years before his arrest. USA Gymnastics cut ties with them.

The Karolyis have been named as co-defendants in several civil lawsuits filed against Nassar and USA Gymnastics, including one by former national team member Mattie Larson. Viventi also went after Kaylee Lorincz, who made a statement at a recent Board of Trustees meeting where she claimed interim president John Engler offered her $250,000 to settle her lawsuit against the school.

They say that at the time of the assaults and abuse that Larry Nassar was employed and working as the USA Team Gymnastics doctor and as a Michigan State University team doctor. "Not only did they fail to protect these young women, they also have continued to engage in a culture of silence that is created to protect their multi-million dollar institutions and enterprises rather than protect the bodies and spirits of these young female athletes", said victims' attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel.

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HOUSTON-Michigan State University fostered a culture that was more focused on protecting the school than the survivors of serial abuser Larry Nassar, a report released Thursday by the Michigan House of Representatives said. "Larry Nassar is a good guy'". In 2012, Wieber publicly credited Nassar with helping her compete through a stress fracture in her leg at the Summer Games in London, where she helped the "Fierce Five" win gold.

Ms. Maroney and also hundreds of other gymnasts, each elite and aspiring, given announcements in two counties in MI earlier this year earlier Dr. Nassar has been sentenced to forty to 125 decades in prison for felony sexual activity in some of those scenarios, and also to 40 to 175 several years for comparable rates in another. I knew it felt unusual, but he was the national team doctor. It is one of many steps taken by lawmakers and law enforcement to figure out how multiple institutions failed hundreds of Nassar's victims - many of them minors - for over 30 years.

"I at times question if my gymnastics career was really even worth it", she said while speaking to the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, according to the Associated Press.

In her first public remarks since revealing last fall that she was among Nassar's victims, Maroney said Tuesday that she wondered if the heights she reached during her career came at too high a price. "It's always three steps forward, two steps back".

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