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Instagram enables sharing of multiple pictures, videos on Stories all at once

May 25 2018, 03:06 | Alexander Lowe

Instagram on Android can now simultaneously upload multiple photos and videos to Stories

Instagram adds multiple uploads to Stories

The page will also ask for the user's password to authenticate their identity.

Each photo can be edited individually and the social network still suggests location tags based on where the photos were taken, even if the user isn't physically located there anymore.

In response to the European GDPR privacy legislations coming into effect next month, Instagram is building a "data portability" tool ...

The Instagram logo seen on a smartphone. Just like Facebook's Data Download tool, users can export all the content including photos, archived Stories, profile information, comments and more.

Android users can now upload multiple photos and videos on Instagram Stories in one go.

Instagram is once again delivering new updates to its users, this time, giving the app the ability to upload photos and videos to your Stories more efficiently.

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Instagram Stories is the dominant force among the quick-sharing photo services. When they tap on this icon, the phone's gallery will display and they will be able to select up to 10 photos and videos.

On the edit screen, you will see a preview of all the media lined up at the bottom.

Instagram's Stories has come a long way from when it was first launched.

Instagram is taking another off of Snapchat and is adding a new convenience to its story upload feature. After, tap on "Next" again and you'll be able to share the images with your Stories and or your friends.

The new Stories update is now being rolled out only for the Android app in phases and as for the iOS users, they have to wait a few weeks to get the new feature.

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