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GoFundMe for Waffle House victims tops six figures

May 23 2018, 01:28 | Irvin Gilbert

Lawmakers hail man who disarmed US shooter

A van with a damaged front-end sits idle on a sidewalk after the driver drove down a sidewalk crashing into a number of pedestrians in Toronto Monday. The van apparently jumped a curb Monday in a busy intersection in Toronto and struck the pedestrians

Now Reinking is charged in Tennessee with four counts of criminal homicide.

Steve Hayslip, a spokesman for Glenn Funk, district attorney general for metro Nashville and Davidson County, said callers flooded their office and the judge's office. "May God embrace them in his mercy and may their families and friends find consolation and healing in his boundless love", Nashville Bishop J. Mark Spalding said. Instead, he just felt Reinking was being a jerk. "Help him if you can'".

Hartline said he's urging people to donate to the Go Fund Me campaigns supporting the victims of the Waffle House shooting, as well as James Shaw, Jr., the main being credited for saving countless lives at the Waffle House.

The gunman fled and led police on a massive manhunt that lasted more than 24 hours before he was captured. The motive for the attack isn't known. He was carrying a black backpack with a silver semi-automatic weapon and.45-calibre ammunition.

Reinking declined to give a statement and requested a lawyer, Lara said.

The man, who'd emerged from the woods near where French was working with her crew, looked "shocked" and "disorientated", she told the newspaper.

The dispatcher says an officer will meet him at his home to discuss the matter, and the call ends shortly afterward.

"When he seen me on the phone, he kept looking real nervous", the Tennessean quoted her as telling reporters soon after Reinking's arrest.

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"They're getting, like, on my - they're doing some kind of, like - I don't know". "I worked out here every day last week with him living right here".

"I can't say I do", the technician said.

Officials were searching the area for suspect Travis Reinking after a tip from the public came in about a person matching the suspect's description.

Using the car's Global Positioning System, officers tracked the auto to Reinking's apartment complex and recovered it. "That's the problem with gun control laws, they never stop people committing the crimes".

IL state police revoked the gun license of Travis Reinking and his firearms were transferred to his father after U.S. Secret Service agents arrested him a year ago for being in a restricted area near the White House. He said he hasn't been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In similar IL incidents, Reinking's parents had told police that their son believed Taylor Swift was stalking him and that he'd made suicidal comments. The county sheriff in charge of the jail where Reinking is being held said Tuesday that Reinking has so far been cooperative.

Reinking's grandmother, Marilyn Hopper, said her grandson "was a sick boy" and she was devastated by news of the attack. At that point, staff welcomed him in for coffee, and he says they sat around "and talked a little bit". "But you know, we have a side, too".

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