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Erie County observes Equal Pay Day

June 23 2018, 11:25 | Irvin Gilbert

Maternity leave varies widely across universities

Maternity leave varies widely across universities

Today is Equal Pay Day, the day that supposedly marks how much longer women must work to earn what men did the previous year.

"Women are the primary or co-breadwinners in the vast majority of Iowa families, and the pay gap plays a significant role in why Iowa remains a low-wage state".

In South Carolina, women make an average of 78 cents on the dollar. Researchers estimate women bring home $7,000 less than their male counterparts, enough to pay for nearly a year of child care, 48 weeks of groceries, and five months of mortgage and utilities payments.

It takes women about 15 months to earn what men earn in 12, although pay inequality is not the only discrepancy OH women face in the workplace.

Not all of the gender wage gap can be explained by occupational choice, however.

According to Pernod Ricard UK's Gender Pay Gap Report, the company plans to close the gap through a number of initiatives, including flexible working diversity and a Diversity and Inclusion Champion programme. Black women - who make 63 cents for every dollar white men receive - would not see equal pay until 2124, at the current rate.

You've probably heard the stats that women tend to earn roughly 80 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. Last year, women working in the state earned 68 cents for every dollar earned by men.

Women's advocates say there remains a discrepancy in pay between women and men, despite the fact that wage equity legislation was signed as far back as 1963 by President John F. Kennedy.

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According to Crooms-Robinson changing corporate thinking is one of the keys to ensuring Equal Pay Day and the wage gape become things of the past.

We need to erase Equal Pay Day from the calendar.

The workforce analytics company Visier said American women earned 79 cents for every $1 a man earned in 2017, compared with 81 cents in 2015.

Women in California earn 88 percent of men's pay, according to USA Today.

For example, women once dominated the computer programming sector, but when it shifted to be predominantly men, wages increased.

WSP's hourly wage gap was 25 per cent while its women received 55 per cent lower bonuses, while SNC-Lavalin said its wage gap was 38 per cent and the bonus gap was 67 per cent.

In 2017, women were 21% more likely to achieve top performer status than men. "And that expectation really seems to be at the heart of the wage gap that exists in 2018". "This suggests that the disruption to the early career of women who have children in their late 20s and early 30s is more harmful than either having a child before the career is really started or having it later, when the woman is established in her career", the researchers write in the paper.

Anti-wage secrecy laws, she says, are one of the most powerful tools in combating pay inequity because they can help workers know their real market value.

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