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Don't delay: Tuesday is Tax Day

May 23 2018, 01:28 | Perry Erickson

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But experts say the extension will not prevent you from having to pay a portion of what you owe on Tuesday. On top of that., today marks the Emancipation Day holiday in Washington, D.C. and that means many government offices were closed Monday, giving you more time.

Tax day is dreaded by millions of Americans, and some people have such a hard time coming to grips with filing for taxes that they file extensions to prolong the inevitable. Plus, electronic filers typically get their refund faster if due one.

But the time has come to send off those returns, which must be postmarked or e-filed by midnight Tuesday to avoid a 5 percent penalty in addition to interest payments and other fees. Check the IRS website to find the address to which your check or money order should be mailed.

Yes, it's crunch time but try not to rush.

The most common mistakes taxpayers make are putting in information incorrectly and failing to report small income like jury duty.

It suggested a person shouldn't wait too long. The good news is. you can get 6 more months to finish.

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Ahead of tax day, there is a new scam going around that directly targets your refund, especially if you use a tax preparer.

NOTE: We've reminded you, and we'll tell you again to save you the penalties and fees: The IRS wants its money, even if you're filing an extension.

In Florida, more than 1.1 million taxpayers will file for the automatic six-month extension, giving them until October 15 to submit their returns.

Taxpayers had two extra days to file this year. If they made a deposit in your account they will demand repayment and in doing so you are actually then sending your money to scammers because their check was a fake and your money is real.

There are a number of reasons to try to file your taxes sooner rather than later. Some signs of this include preparers who ask clients to sign a blank return or those who promise a big refund before looking at taxpayer records. And filing earlier in the season gives you time to more carefully prepare your returns and avoid errors.

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