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Disgraced FBI Boss's New Book OUTSELLING Clinton, Wolff — COMEY CASHES IN

May 25 2018, 03:03 | Irvin Gilbert

Comey book outselling Hillary's and Wolff's, combined

The Host Of The 2013 Miss Universe Pageant Says Trump Stayed Over In Russia At Least One Night

"He's been representing me since I was sacked", Comey told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday evening at a reception in Washington, D.C., for his new memoir.

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director has been on a media blitz, and the title has sold more than 600,000 copies across all formats, according to the New York Times.

Earlier reports show Mr Trump flew to North Carolina on November 7 for a birthday tribute to evangelist minister Billy Graham.

"He then explained, as he had at our dinner, that he hadn't stayed overnight in Russian Federation during the Miss Universe trip", Mr Comey wrote in a memo after a meeting with Mr Trump in February 2017. He said he would be leaving directly from the party.

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"No! Absolutely not!" she shot back.

"And he gave me his business card with his private number and told me in which hotel and which room he is staying in". The video, however, is in the original Hungarian. (He also asked, "Do I look like a guy who needs hookers?") The timeline Trump has provided of his trip has always been dubious, however, and newly obtained flight records from Politico seem to prove that his stay in Moscow in fact lasted from Friday to early Sunday. "I taped a sit-down interview with Trump the next day on November 9th".

"Another defense by the White House against an infamous dossier may have been undermined by reports to the contrary from another eye-witness", The Daily Beast reported Tuesday. Roberts confirmed that he personally met Trump in Moscow on November 8.

According to the records and Mr Trump's own account, he stayed until early Sunday morning, when he jetted back to NY. Whether his offer to Roberts came before or after his alleged approach to Sarka remains unclear.

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