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Brown creating 'breeding concept' in sanctuary cities

June 23 2018, 04:45 | Irvin Gilbert

Brown creating 'breeding concept' in sanctuary cities

Brown creating 'breeding concept' in sanctuary cities

"The idea that we're going to roll back the auto standards is absurd".

During a Tuesday morning press briefing in Washington, D.C., Brown said, "I'm trying to deal with a human crisis".

Trump also warned California Gov. "It will not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life", Brown said. "The attempts to do this are going to be bogged down in litigation long after we have a new president". He spoke Tuesday about ways the liberal state is challenging Trump. Jerry Brown continues to escalate. Jerry Brown for doing "a awful job" and groused about the state's high taxes and immigration policies.

Brown late last week said he would agree to send 400 National Guard troops to the border but conditioned his commitment on his state's troops having nothing to do with immigration enforcement, even in a supporting role.

Just how limited became clearer Monday after California's National Guard told Homeland Security officials the state will not allow soldiers to do the types of things they're doing elsewhere on the border: monitoring surveillance cameras, performing maintenance and transporting USA border agents.

Some 960 soldiers, he said, were already deployed Monday in other border states: 250 in Arizona, 60 in New Mexico and 650 in Texas. The Republican governors of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona all pledged assistance without such restrictions early last week. On Tuesday, President Trump criticized said Brown's actions, saying they will worsen crime in California. "That's a big step", the president has said.

"The number, it could be two or four hundred, that's being worked out".

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Brown's announcement last week did not address what specific jobs the California Guard would and would not do, nor answer the thorny question of how state officials would distinguish work related to immigration from other duties. He continued, "And I think it's shocking, it's despicable and it's harmful to California, mostly to the people". "That sounds like something else".

The president took to Twitter Wednesday to claim that a "revolution" is taking place in the state with many areas wanting to break from California's sanctuary state law which bars officials from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement.

The exact disputes between Brown and the Trump administration remain unclear.

Jenkins - after noting that San Diego County joined Orange County and more than a dozen cities in opposing the sanctuary policy - asked Brown if the law "favors the rights of criminal illegal aliens over the rights and the safety of those communities".

"What they are not doing is [having] any direct civilian law enforcement operations, and they are not doing any direct contact with migrants unless ... explicitly authorized by the Department of Defense, and that has not yet occurred", he added.

"We'll see what the judges say and if the cities want to come in (to the legal fight), that's fine".

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