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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signs first state law to protect net neutrality

March 24 2018, 07:43 | Van Peters

Washington leaders, keep up the fight to restore net neutrality

Why Do Net Neutrality Supporters Oppose a Net Neutrality Bill

The law essentially reproduces the FCC's net neutrality policy that went into effect in 2015.

Inslee, a Democrat, signed the law protecting Net-neutrality rules within the state on Monday.

Nonetheless, Inslee praise the state's net neutrality law and "the power of an open Internet".

"I commend Governor Inslee and the Washington state legislature for listening to their constituents and ensuring that the citizens of Washington continue to experience a free and open internet". "It allows a student in Washington to connect to researchers all around the world, or a small business to compete with large businesses in the global marketplace". Nevertheless, consumers across the political spectrum were angered by the FCC's vote to repeal the rules, with many expressing concerns that the end of net neutrality could dampen free speech, lead to higher costs for consumers and allow ISPs to decide what services they use on the web.

As reported by Engadget, the bill requires that providers selling broadband internet access must publicly disclose how they run their network, which means putting things like network management practices on a "publicly available, easily accessible" site.

The debate over net neutrality is reshaping the Internet and raising big-picture questions about modern life. Should they do so, we know Attorney General Bob Ferguson will mount a vigorous, unyielding defense in court.

And the FCC chairman, who was appointed by President Trump, has more problems on its hands as it is understood that lawmakers in about two dozen usa states have introduced bills similar to Washington State. Those firms could file suit against the state for violating the language in the FCC's repeal of net neutrality protections.

The bill garnered bipartisan support in the state legislature, passing 95-5 in the House and 35-14 in the Senate.

Your internet service should be free of slow lanes and corporate favoritism if legislation just signed in Washington state and awaiting the governor's signature in OR works as intended.

"The fight for net neutrality is the fight for civil liberties and a more vibrant culture", Candace Martin, commercial counsel for Kickstarter.

That follows more than two dozen lawsuits from US state attorneys general, not to mention a number of Executive Orders from state governors mandating net neutrality. It's unclear when Oregon's measure would be signed into law.

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