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Thousands Of UK Homes Still Without Water After 'Big Freeze'

March 22 2018, 05:40 | Irvin Gilbert

Thousands have been left without water. While suppliers try to fix the problem what should you do if your home’s pipes burst

People in parts of London are without water after thawing temperatures led pipes to burst

But the sudden and widespread surge in demand, coinciding with the rise in temperatures, means we also need to urge all our customers to check their own pipes for bursts and call a plumber if necessary.

Up to 13,000 homes across Kent and Sussex have no water - with more people in surrounding areas facing low water pressure.

"My consistency is served by Thames Water".

Severn Trent said that it was working with other big businesses in the area on limiting water consumption.

In Kent alone, around 1,000 homes have no supplies in the Charing, Challock and Molash areas - and South East Water expects this to rise as engineers work to fix the network. A number of water companies appear to have fallen well short on their forward planning and the quality of support and communication they've been providing, leaving some customers high and dry.

One Twitter user, @priscillav1989 said in a post addressed to Thames Water: "I start to think that it is more likely to find water in the desert than in London after nearly four days without water".

The water services company, one of the largest in the United Kingdom, pointed out on Monday in its account on the social network Twitter that about 12,000 homes remain affected, while calling on the population to use as little liquid as possible.

In the Commons, Thames Water was criticised for failing to contact residents and tell them how they could collect bottles of water.

Industry regulator Ofwat said it would take a "long, hard look at what has happened" to see why water suppliers fell "well short".

Another, @Georgie6155, said: "When you have been without running water for 4 days, message @thameswater and you just get a copy and paste response!"

Her words come after further criticism for Environment Minister Michael Gove, who warned water companies that they would face tougher regulation if they did not clean up their act.

Also, a spokesman for the company noted that they have more than 130 teams of engineers and technicians to detect and fix leaks throughout the region, which is expected to restore the water in the coming hours. All companies have robust contingency plans in place for how to deal with these challenging situations, and they are finding and fixing pipes and leaks, making sure that customers are able to access alternative sources of water.

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