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Suspect linked to suspicious packages in DC found in Everett

June 23 2018, 04:39 | Irvin Gilbert

Image Fort Belvoir was among the bases to be sent a suspicious package. Pic Orygun

Fort Belvoir was among the bases to be sent a suspicious package. Pic Orygun

Police arrested a suspect connected with a series of suspicious packages that were found at military bases in the Washington, D.C., area, according to a Tuesday report.

The U.S. Army recently issued a statement and revealed that the packages that were sent to the installations have already been "rendered safe".

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters on Tuesday that that all of the packages sent to Defense Department facilities are under the control of the federal authorities.

The FBI seized the packages that were stuffed with explosive components such as black powder, fuses, and circuit boards.

At Fort McNair, a suspicious package was delivered at about 8:30 a.m. eastern time, prompting officials to evacuate the building, according to a base spokesman.

Williams said "It's obvious they were on to this person quite quickly", adding that authorities had some indication of their suspicions Monday evening.

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Among the facilities where the packages were shipped were Fort McNair, in the nation's capital, and Fort Belvoir in northern Virginia, both U.S. Army bases.

All the suspicious-package incidents that had been reported throughout Monday morning and afternoon had ended with no injuries.

It is not clear if the parcels all contained working explosives. Odd mailings also arrived at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, DC, the Central Intelligence Agency mail processing center, the White House mail processing center, and Dahlgren Naval Air Station in Virginia. The FBI has collected all of the packages for further analysis.

The week after serial bomber Mark Anthony Conditt killed himself with an explosive device (and left a confession video) after terrorizing Austin, Texas for weeks, the D.C. area has now seen a scattering of suspicious packages.

Some included rambling letters and official described as disturbing.

In the statement, Army Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza said "this incident is now under investigation".

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