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See how the Mom cast and crew celebrated Allison Janney's Oscar win

June 19 2018, 02:22 | Perry Erickson

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Allison Jannehy Oscar Win

After the raucous laughs died down, the OH native said there could be "nothing further from the truth". "Good going girl, I'm proud of you".

Janney, who has already picked up the Golden Globe, SAG Award and Independent Spirit Award for her big screen portrayal of Tonya Harding's mother, is the projected frontrunner to bring home the Academy Award on Sunday night. "You're always in my heart", she said of her brother who killed himself on February 14, 2011.

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with Janney on the red carpet before the show, and she opened up about the roles she's looking forward to taking on in the near future, and the ever-increasing level of influence and power women have been obtaining in show business in recent years.

In a lovely moment, Allison dedicated her win to her late brother Hal who tragically died after he commited suicide in 2011.

The Oscar is the actress' first.

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She threw them off again. "And it's going to be -- I'm going to have a big crash down after this". "Every night when I would go on [stage, ] I'd look at my co-star, John Hickey, and go, 'There's no moisture in my mouth.' This is what happens when I get nervous". She recently starred on Broadway SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION for which she received a Tony Award nomination. The role saw the statuesque, glamorous Janney wearing a ratty fur coat, an oxygen mask and oversized glasses, all while a bird sat perched on her shoulder, sometimes pecking her ear - details based on an actual interview with Golden.

Backstage, she said: "I'm going right back to work and I'm so happy I've got a job to go after something like this to because it can go to your head".

"I will never be able to repay him", she said.

She was in the race to win the coveted trophy with Mary J. Blige (MUDBOUND), Lesley Manville (PHANTOM THREAD), Laurie Metcalfe (LADY BIRD) and Octavia Spencer (THE SHAPE OF WATER).

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