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North Korea "irresponsive" on six South Koreans detained in DPRK, says MOU

June 19 2018, 02:20 | Irvin Gilbert

North Korea "irresponsive" on six South Koreans detained in DPRK, says MOU

Donald Trump

Chung and Suh will also meet senior USA officials like White House National security advisor H.R. McMaster and Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Pompeo.

Two top ranking South Korean officials will travel to Washington on Thursday to brief officials on details of their Pyongyang trip.

South Korea met with Kim Jong Un on Monday to "write a new history" of unification between the Koreas, and potentially broker US-North Korea talks.

"Me", he joked, before crediting US -led sanctions that, with China's help, are punishing North Korea's economy.

Additional sanctions targeting 28 ships, many Chinese, were imposed, with the hint that the USA might stop these ships coming from or going to North Korea in order to inspect their cargo.

With the spectre of two past summits that failed to blunt North Korea's nuclear ambitions, South Korean officials planning talks next month now face the thorny task of overcoming familiar sticking points with the threat of war looming over any failure.

South Korean officials said they asked the United States to postpone the drills to reduce tensions with Pyongyang, while USA officials said it was only moved to avoid a strain on logistics during the Games.

Chief among the disagreements that have scuttled past efforts to defuse the standoff is North Korea's requests for security guarantees in return for abandoning its nuclear weapons.

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The latest attempt at dialogue unraveled much more rapidly in 2012, when North Korea upended a nuclear freeze-for-food aid agreement by launching a rocket into space in defiance of the United Nations.

They had anxious that Mr Kim would threaten a fragile dtente if South Korea and the United States resumed joint military exercises next month.

Proponents of engagement, including Joel Wit, a senior fellow at Washington's U.S. -Korea Institute, said the fact that North Korea was unlikely to agree to a complete freeze of activity should not be an obstacle. And are crippling sanctions working on lame North Korea? He also told them he would suspend all nuclear and ballistic missile tests while such talks were underway.

Due to the lack of trust between Kim Jung-un and the United States, it is hard to say if this compromise will really happen.The only way to find out if Kim Jung-un is telling the truth is if Donald Trump attempts to have this meeting.

The brazen daylight assassination unleashed diplomatic shockwaves and widespread condemnation of North Korea.

During the four-hour dinner, Kim also expressed an openness to entering talks with the US over denuclearization.

The president took a lot of missile heat for taunting North Korea's pumpkin-headed despot, and as he mercilessly used his Twitter stick to beat some sense into Pyongyang, Rex Tillerson was stroking little Kim with a carrot that created a very confusing dynamic. The United States has made it clear it doesn't want empty talks with North Korea and that all options, including military measures, are in play until the North actually surrenders its nuclear weapons, believed to number around 30.

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