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China urges United States 'restraint' in trade protection

March 22 2018, 05:53 | Irvin Gilbert

China issues fresh warning to Taiwan, says Beijing will not tolerate separatist activities

President Donald Trump pauses during a meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington with members of congress to discuss school and community safety. A White House official says President Donald Trump plans

"They don't want to be seen as a party that is wrecking the worldwide trading system". Responding to a question regarding Western accusations of Chinese "infiltration" overseas, Wang quickly shot down the charge as being "concocted" to distort China's true intentions. On the contrary, there has been a online against the proposal since it was announced on Sunday, forcing the draconian regime to launch an.

"China has made a concerted effort to isolate the people of Taiwan, and only United States leadership can push back against this aggression", Sen. Moreover, it's the hope that this restructuring of the Communist party will afford the party the ability and power to regain its authority to lead both the Chinese Economy as well as the Chinese society. Because people have been making comparisons to him and the Chinese Premier. But China does not pretend to be a democratic country, and Xi Jinping, the president, does not pretend - seriously, anyway - to be a small-d democrat.

Meanwhile, China's Ministry of Commerce also released a lengthy statement on its website, condemning US "wrongdoings" and likewise vowing that China will "take necessary measures".

Yet, it's hardly convincing. The state-controlled media has been seen as trying to justify the move, by saying the removal of term-limits allows for the guarantee of stable leadership in China. On the contrary. The same post lists dozens of words and phrases that are forbidden because they contain direct references or even just allusions to the move to make Xi Jinping's rule life-long. By then, he will be 82 or 97, respectively.

If Xi Jinping succeeds in relieving himself of term limits and framing authoritarianism as a viable alternative to liberal democracy, "he will not only have secured his own future and extended the future of China's Communist Party, he may also establish a new model for authoritarianism to thrive worldwide", The New York Times said on February 28.

One of the more unusual steps, however, is that China has banned their social-media sites from posting images of Winnie the Pooh. Why? Mao ruled from 1949 until his death in 1976, and his push for the industrialization of China resulted in the deaths of tens of millions during the Great Famine.

It's still unlikely - God forbid - that he will become or 'a Kim Jong-un'.

Xi is no doubt reversing China's march towards openness and rule of law. Deng actually introduced a limit on presidential terms after suffering under Mao who removed former allies and triggered a massive starvation with the Great Leap Forward and plunged the country into a state of virtual civil war with the Cultural Revolution.

The thoughts of two of Xi's predecessors, Jiang and Hu, were mentioned in the Constitution but not their names. However, the price of such good intentions is too high, for they come at the expense of the progress made in China's political development. While urging Japan to be ready to deal with an assertive China where power will be centralised under Xi, the editorial added that the plan to end presidential term limits is a major reversal of trend, which was initiated by Deng Xiaoping. He was dubbed "China's new emperor", "autocrat for life" and "China's godfather".

Chinese leaders have threatened in the past to retaliate if Trump raises trade barriers, but now need to weigh whether to back up those threats with action and risk jeopardizing US market access for smartphones and other exports that matter more to their economy than metals. "We haven't had [a national security strategy] since the Cold War that framed our role in the world as dealing with a rival hegemon ... this is the first time", Green said. In case of abuse, .

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