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Southwest Airlines Plane Nearly Skids Off Runway in Baltimore

June 19 2018, 02:28 | Irvin Gilbert

Southwest flight skids off taxiway in Maryland

A Southwest Airlines jet slid on a taxiway while preparing to take off from Baltimore Washington International Airport on Wednesday but no injuries were reported

No injuries were reported, and the passengers were taken off the plane, before going back to the airport terminal.

A Southwest Airlines plane slid sideways on a taxiway at Baltimore-Washingon International Airport this morning, WJAL reports.

The Boeing 737 had been scheduled to depart at 9:15 a.m.to Jamaica's Montego Bay but was delayed for over an hour before eventually taking off and sliding for about 10 seconds before coming to rest, Simmons said. "We were exactly at the point where the plane expected to turn 180 degrees to the runway when unexpectedly the throttle went down, we missed the turn, we heard the brakes going ahead and we slid into the grass", Edmonds revealed to ABC News in a phone meet.

The pavement surface condition was tested immediately after the incident and was within Federal Aviation Administration standards.

But airport spokesman Jonathan Dean said airfield pavement temperatures were above freezing at the time of the accident. The FAA said they will investigate the incident.

The 143 passengers and six crew members aboard Flight 906 out of BWI on Wednesday morning safely climbed down stairs and were bussed to the airport terminal

The Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport reported by means of Twitter that Southwest Airlines flights "keep on operating".

Passengers and crew members left the plane safely using stairs, and they were bused to the airport terminal where they were being accommodated on different flights.

A Southwest Airlines plane almost skid off the tarmac at a Baltimore area airport.

Freezing rain has settled over the Baltimore are, and drivers are seeing icy roads throughout the region.

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