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Scuderia Ferrari Launch their SF71H in Maranello Presentation

March 22 2018, 05:52 | Van Peters

"The SF71H has a tighter auto body and has been built to perform in high-speed circuits", said Ferrari's technical director, Mattia Binotto.

Ferrari on Thursday unveiled its 2018 Formula One racing auto, the SF71H. Following the unveiling of Ferrari's latest design, Binotto says the wheelbase and sidepods are two of the areas that have seen the biggest developments.

The new vehicle appears to be a design evolution of last year's successful auto.

However, closer inspection reveals plenty of significant changes to the chassis, with the vehicle having both a longer wheelbase than its predecessor, as well as an even more aggressive sidepod design, a revised cooling system and updated aerodynamics. "The way the team has come out with a competitive auto at the beginning, the way we have improved both chassis and engine, on all fronts I think it has been outstanding".

"We will see that next week and the first race the halo looks different but to be honest we tried it a year ago and it wasn't a big difference".

"The real magic happens underneath but every little detail matters, every part can make a difference, and this year's auto is a big step from last year's one". "The vehicle is excellent and next week we will know something more and we will understand how much work there is still to do", added the Finn. "The most visible change is aerodynamic and how tight the packaging is of the auto and how closed up the bodywork is". The Halo has been introduced for the safety of the drivers but as it is very visible it is also very intrusive on the design. It does affect it, obviously the weight of the vehicle, the center of gravity, the air into the engine scoop, but also all the flow to the rear wing.

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