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President Buhari Congratulates New South African President Ramaphosa

March 22 2018, 05:51 | Irvin Gilbert

Sona2018 Ramaphosa commits to free higher education By DESTINY REPORTER

Sona2018 Ramaphosa commits to free higher education        By DESTINY REPORTER

The announcement of Ramaphosa, the only candidate nominated in South African Parliament Thursday, was met with singing in the National Assembly.

The Nelson Mandela Royal House says President Cyril Ramaphosa is uniquely suited to move the country forward and elevate Madiba's legacy. In addition, he must tackle sluggish economic growth, high unemployment and economic inequality that are among South Africa's most deep-rooted problems.

"This is the year in which we will turn the tide on corruption in our public institutions", Ramaphosa said.

In his message, the King expressed his "warmest" congratulations and honest wishes to Ramaphosa for full success in his high office, and " fulfilling the aspirations of the fraternal South African people for further progress and prosperity".

On Wednesday, eight members of the powerful and wealthy Gupta family were arrested and accused of fraud and money laundering.

The ruling party is "incapable of fighting corruption and maladministration from within its own ranks", said Julius Malema, the opposition party's leader.

A figure under scrutiny over his relationship with the Guptas is Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba, who is scheduled to unveil the South African budget in parliament next week.

Ramaphosa, a lead negotiator in the transition from apartheid to democracy in the early 1990s, was elected by jubilant ruling party legislators anxious to shed political limbo and get the leadership of the country back on track.

Ramaphosa called on investigating bodies to continue their work against state capture, and said the commission of inquiry headed by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo should not displace the ongoing investigations and action.

"This means that we urgently need to develop our capabilities in the areas of science, technology and innovation".

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