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Premier Mark McGowan has no plans for ministerial sex ban

March 24 2018, 07:51 | Irvin Gilbert

Premier Mark McGowan has no plans for ministerial sex ban

The #bonkban doesn't fix the real problem with Barnaby Joyce

The explosive affair between Mr Joyce and his now-pregnant former staffer Vikki Campion, continues to play out in the media, damaging the federal government, forcing a hasty amendment to the ministerial code of conduct forbidding sex between Minsters and their staff.

On Thursday, Mr Turnbull admonished Mr Joyce for making a "shocking error" over his affair with a former staffer - saying it had set off a "world of woe".

The prime minister resisted calls for him to pressure Joyce to step down from his post, but his public rebuke of the affair indicated he lost confidence in his deputy.

He said that he didn't know about Mr Joyce's relationship with Ms Campion when he hired her.

Nationals MP Andrew Broad said he was waiting to see the evidence there's been an abuse of power, but he won't be pushed by the media or Mr Turnbull.

Another thing you might be wondering about at this point is how Turnbull and Joyce could possibly resolve this.

"If Malcolm Turnbull doesn't have the courage to sack Barnaby Joyce, then Malcolm Turnbull doesn't have the courage to be prime minister", Shorten said. But he announced yesterday that he will instead take leave.

Joyce on Friday said Turnbull's comments were "inept" and "unneccessary".

Australian political editor, Malcolm Farr, told Larry Williams Malcolm Turnbull may have to cancel his trip to the United States to do some fence-mending with Mr Joyce.

Joyce said he wasn't a minister late past year when businessman and political donor Greg Maguire offered him the apartment for six months rent-free.

Mr Joyce, who saw off a coup by disgruntled Nationals MPs on Wednesday, will now take leave from Monday to Sunday where, at Mr Turnbull's request, he will consider his future as leader of the Nationals. "I thought that was completely unnecessary and all that is going to do is basically pull the scab off to everybody to have a look at". But questions have been raised about her employment in two government jobs after working in Joyce's office and the rent-free apartment owned by a wealthy political donor where Joyce and Campion now live.

Ministers in the Australian government will be explicitly banned from having "sexual relations" with their staff in the wake of a sex scandal that has engulfed Parliament and has the potential to bring down Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The fact Joyce charged taxpayers to spend 50 nights in Canberra when Parliament was not sitting in 2017 - more than any other cabinet minister - is problematic.

Last month, Joyce declared it was "really important we understand that we are intricately linked to the commerce of the People's Republic of China" after his Turnbull ministerial colleague Concetta Fierravanti-Wells denounced Chinese aid projects in the Pacific.

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